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Default Re: PokeRome (RP... Obviously)

Nero The Regigigas:

It took a while, and it wasn't worth it, either, as no armor would fit Blizzard.

Shame. He'd go without protection.

Nero and Blizzard left the palace, and the city, with an army in tow. Their direction was heading towards where Nero killed the tratior Toxicroak.

They were there at dawn. it was a beautiful sight, but Nero wasn't interested in it. He was looking at the now-decaying body of the Toxicroak.

"Filthy beast. His death by Nero's godly hands was undeserving."

"Understandably so, your highness." Blizzard was quite complementary.

Nero turned his body torwards the army, and put some inspiring language into his voice. "When Nero and his army find the rouges...They will rip their throats out, for the Emperor!"

The army responded with equal initiative. "For the Emperor!"

"Nero and company must find the other generals first! They will be where the filthy tratiors are hiding! The filthy tratiors, that would defy the name of Nero the Emperor!"

The army responded with equal vigor. "For the Emperor!"

One could say this was a inspiring moment. The sun peaked over Nero's body, casting a bright light onto Nero's army. Nero used this to his advantage. "The sun rises from it's slumber-a sign that Arceus himself approves of the death of the tratiors, and Nero's reign of PokeRome! Let this symbol of light and justice last FOREVER!! Do not fail Nero the Emperor, or Arceus the Creator!"

The army yelled a vicious battle cry. Nero lied, actually. Arceus wanted Nero dead. The only Pokemon alive that wanted someone dead more was Nero-who wanted the tratiors dead.

"ONWARD!!!" Nero called to his troops, facing the direction where he felt the Generals were.
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