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Default Re: Fallout: Black Awakening [SU]

Starting my sign ups. Yes, there is another character I have as well - a Glowing Ghoul named, effectively, "Glowy" XD He's the comic relief ;)

Name: Ru'Ella - also called "Sister"
Age: 5 (approximately 16 in human years)
Species: Young Deathclaw
Gender: Female
Faction: New California Republic, Brotherhood of Steel, or Enclave.
Weapons: Most anything you can think of. Please describe things such as modifications made for the weapons. Traditional weapons (i.e., shotguns, pistols and the like) are given to the Raiders, Super Mutants, and NCR. Energy weapons (i.e., plasma rifles, laser pistols, and the like) and heavy weapons (i.e., miniguns and rocket launchers) are generally reserved for the Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel, though gathering one through other means is not implausible. Keep it within realistic boundaries (even for robots)
Personality: How your character acts. A good five lines.
History: Your past in the Wasteland to this point. How you’ve survived, how you came to become a member of the faction you are currently in, how you became what you are… Anything relevant. At least two paragraphs. If you normally would not have them, how did you obtain your weapons?

Unique abilities: She lives with a family of Radscorpions that raised her, along with Glowy. (Radscorpions are rather easy to kill if you disable the legs...I never considered them a huge threat. Now, the Fire Ants...Don't get me started!)

Other: Special terms she uses;

The Slavers - The Enclave
The Hopefuls - New California Republic
The Armored - Brotherhood of Steel
Smooth Skins - Humans
Flake Skins - Ghouls
Tough Skins - Super Mutants
Family - Radscorpions
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