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Default Re: Ties of Fate [SU]

Reserved for my SUs; feel free to sign up now.

Name: CR-12B

Age: Early twenties

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Faction: Neutral

Magic abilities: ???: A form of magic never seen before and entirely unique to CR-12B. This magic is unique in the way that, unlike most forms of healing spells, it requires direct contact with the affected area, and its exact nature is unknown save for it is capable of repairing almost any wound, though it cannot restore lethal blows easily. The magic also has the ability to direct various aspects of a living being's healing abilities, which range from altering heart rate to inducing a coma. Its full uses are unknown, but it does not seem to have any attack capabilities.

Weapons: Unarmed; various medical tools.

Interesting abilities: CR-12B is considered by many to be the foremost in terms of medical knowledge and skill. His name isn't well known, but he has purportedly cured sicknesses formerly believed to be incurable. Because of his intricate knowledge of how the Human body is arranged, he knows which parts of the body are more susceptible to attack. He is also shown to be deceptively strong for his thin frame.

Personality: CR-12B is a quiet, somewhat withdrawn man in his early twenties. He is very intelligent, and has a lot of medical knowledge, but he rarely shares what he knows. He holds a strong dislike for violence, and as such often refuses to engage in combat unless his life is directly threatened. His only real loyalty is one held to the hometown his fragmented memory can hardly recall and to devoting his medicinal skills to helping others in the best way he can. He tends not to talk a lot, but when he does, his voice is notably timid and uncertain. CR-12B suffers from amnesia to the point he cannot remember so much as his name, though his impressive medical skill and knowledge remain intact. He tends to act a bit cold on first meeting people, but he quickly warms up. Tends to reply to things he finds objectionable with sarcasm.

History: Incarcerated for a crime he does not remember committing, CR-12B was unable to remember his name or much about himself while he was on trial. While at first those prosecuting him believed him to be merely bluffing, it became apparent he had been struck with amnesia. CR-12B was on trial for unleashing a deadly disease into a small town and killing all of its inhabitants, somehow himself surviving long enough to drag himself just outside of the town before collapsing. Nothing could dispute the evidence against him, and his cell number became his name. He was locked away in a special chamber, apart from the other prisoners, and kept effectively in an anti-magic bubble. There he stayed for three years, hardly eating any of the time and contemplating the evidence presented at the trial, comparing it to his own analysis of himself.

Eventually, CR-12B came to see he would need more evidence to say for sure whether or not he had done what they said he had. After a bit of questioning to the guards watching him, it became apparent that he was not only not listed as a criminal, but listed as being a dead man. He also learned that almost no one knew about the epidemic he had supposedly caused. Though CR-12B plotted no escape, he considered this information carefully and decided that, in the event he was let out either by the government or through a riot, he would find a way to investigate for himself what had happened there. Two months ago, fate conspired to bring about the revolution, and the rebelling soldiers stationed at the prison, seeing they needed a medic, released CR-12B from his cell and requested he come with them. His only requests were that the items he had been found with be returned to him, and that he be allowed to do as he pleased once they were secured. They consented, returning to him a ragged, torn doctor's coat, a bag of pristine medical equipment, a set of ruined clothes and a photograph with a note on the back, among a few other odds and ends. The photograph and the note offered little insight to who he was, however, as it is merely a photograph of a girl younger than himself and addressed to her older brother, though it gives no name.

Seeing that his clothes were ruined, he chose to wear the outfit he was given within his cell with the addition of a faded ID tag, taking his supplies and the other things found in his possession with him. He traveled with the rebels for some time, until they had medics of their own, before departing from the group to uncover the mystery of his past and find out just who he was.

Appearance: CR-12B is a pale-skinned Human with slate gray eyes and an incredibly thin form, unhealthily so. His black hair is unkempt and messy, but none of it obstructs his face or eyes save a few strands hanging over his nose. His attire consists of a torn, tattered white lab coat and a form-fitting white outfit with thin black horizontal stripes down it, with black boots that reach up to his knees. He also wears an ID tag that once held his name, but has long faded, and his shirt has two buttons side by side on his stomach. CR-12B is branded on his right arm, hidden at most times by his long sleeved outfit.

Other: Big brother, I know youíre going away today, so I wanted to give you something to remember me by! Iíll keep you in my prayers and hope you get back soon! Your loving sister, Rosalia. P.S., Please get that white coat of yours fixed up while youíre in town; it tore when I was cleaning it up for you.

Name: Noir, god of shadows

Age: Unknown

Race: god

Gender: Male

Faction: Neutral

Magic abilities: Complete mastery of Shadow magic.

Weapons: A spiked cylinder on a chain, used in the way of a morning star.

Interesting abilities: Complete control of shadows; immune to shadow damage; immortal

Personality: Silent is an almost perfect description of the quiet god of shadows. Contrary to popular belief, he isn't malevolent in any sense of the word; he actually spends a lot more time accompanying his younger sister Nox than he does regulating the use of his element. He has a strong sense of justice, and is somewhat over-protective of those he cares about, but despite this he has promised not to interfere with the actions of mortals unless from self defense. he is one of the most 'sociable' gods in the way that finding him and being in his presence is incredibly simple, and he rarely prevents people from doing so. Despite this, instances of him speaking don't happen often in comparison to most. Nox usually knows about what he sees in a situation, and she usually speaks for the both of them.

History: Among the gods, Noir is with little doubt the most mysterious of them. No one quite remembers where he came from, and his lack of desire to speak of anything mostly prevents such information from being gathered. What is known is common mythology for those who remember the stories; he and his younger sibling Nox were supposedly born from shadows, and of the two Noir is rumored to be the stronger. He is said to have taught the first users of magic how to use his element in combat and for other things. He and his sibling are also known for almost constantly being among mortals simply because they are more amusing to watch than their fellow gods. If something interesting is happening in the world of mortals, Noir and his sister are usually nearby to watch, even if they aren't allowed to interfere. While his sister has done more interesting things than he has, Noir is just as prevalent in myths as she is, though he is usually portrayed as more a voice of reason. In all portrayals, he talks far too much, however.

Appearance: Noir is often noted for being unhealthily thin with pale white skin and amber eyes. His slate gray hair is cut short save for the bangs on either side of his face. In general, Noir wears a black sweater with matching pants and boots, though at times he appears to have no legs at all and merely be an extension of the shadows themselves. In addition, he usually sports a black hat, and keeps his weapon of choice wrapped around his torso, though he has displayed the ability to flick it out in a single movement.


Name: Solaris Harribel

Age: 22

Race: (Half) Human

Gender: Female

Faction: Royal guard (For reasons which should be obvious)

Magic abilities: Proficient in shadow and light magic; mastered fire and ice, low level water and lightning.

Weapons: Closest thing to a weapon she owns would be a parasol.

Interesting abilities: Solaris possesses a pair of demonic wings, usually hidden from view. They grant her the power of flight, but only for short periods. Deceptively strong.

Personality: In terms of personality, Solaris is very withdrawn, to the point that most in the castle's current employ can't remember her showing much emotion at all. If her rulings are to be an indicator, she is kind and just, but these are all there is to go on. From her outer personality, she is fairly distant, though in terms of speaking she is direct, but polite. She is immensely strained by the recent chain of events revolving around the rebellion, to the point it is affecting her mental state, a fact which she is well aware of. She does not agree with some of her father's ways, but deeply cares for him regardless. Her deeper emotions are unknown to anyone still living. She is very persuasive, and seems to have the ability to negotiate any situation in her favor. She is actually quite timid, but hides this behind a direct, polite front.

History: Solaris Harribel is a well-known character of the Harribel family, but not a well-seen one. She wasn't in line with the political end of family business to begin with; her brother, however, was involved with it from an early age. As he was roughly ten years older than she was, he didn't have much time for his younger sister with various duties political and otherwise. Despite this, she still cared for him greatly, and his death when she was twelve had a profound impact on her personality. Arguably, her withdrawn personality mostly stems from this, along with seeing the terrible things happening outside the castle walls when she was forced into politics herself shortly after her brother's death. The added stress of this, her father adopting more questionable methods, and the string of events leading up to the revolution (Including ruling on the case of Prisoner CR-12B) have slowly worn on her health, to the point where she notices something is wrong. One night, Solaris decided to disappear for a while, give herself time to recover from everything that had happened, and the next morning she was gone, with no sign of her even having left from that evening. The incident is being covered up.

Appearance: Solaris is a thin young woman with a shorter-than-average height, not being much taller than five feet. Her hair is a vibrant violet color, accented with a silver tint at its extremities, usually combed neatly in such a way that the left side of her face is hidden, only showing one of her amber eyes. Her skin is pale white, with odd markings like scratches on either side of her face, a small ways below her eyes, which manage to complement her feathery hair. Usually, she sports elegant, yet simplistic, dresses that accentuate her hair color, but since leaving the castle, she has taken up a less suspicious outfit consisting of a black lace-closed top with wide shoulders, dark violet gloves that reach past her elbows, a dark violet skirt and black leggings with somewhat plain black boots to finish the outfit. The shirt has a hood which she uses to hide her face in situations where she could be found by the guard and returned home.

Other: Anything not fitting in the above categories.

Name: Asagi Hokkaido

Age: 21

Race: Presumed Human.

Gender: Female

Faction: Neutral

Magic abilities: Non-elemental-- Asagi is one of the rare few capable of using non-elemental magic. Unlike other disciplines, it is limited in use only by the user's magic aptitude and imagination. It can mimic spells from all disciplines almost perfectly, but without the added element damage. It can also be fired from specially-made projectile weapons to form a solid shot. Using this form of magic is highly disruptive to other magic disciplines, but it can also be disrupted by using the correct spell combinations. When an excess amount of energy builds up, it manifests itself in an aura unique to the user. Asagi's is light blue.

Weapons: Dual handguns-- A pair of specially modified handguns that look fairly blocky and large, but are built to withstand the force of firing bolts of non-elemental energy at targets. Each is capable of loading six bullets per gun, and can be fired as normal weapons, but also have the option of channeling magic energy instead. Durable enough to be used to block close-range attacks, or be used in the way of pistol whipping. An enchantment prevents the guns from breaking apart when hit by sharp or heavy weapons, but only for a short time.

Interesting abilities: Olympic-class gymnast, random fact guru, proficient in hand-to-hand combat.

Personality: Asagi is perfectly captured by the word 'Curiosity'; full of vitality at all times, Asagi is prone to dashing about excitedly from thing to thing, sometimes even cropping up random conversations with strangers and running off before they have time to respond. Despite seeming like a goofball, however, Asagi does have a serious side; she has a strong sense of justice, and won't stand for anyone she sees doing things she considers unjust, be they revolutionaries, guards or otherwise. Another aspect of her personality is her ability to bounce back from deep despair to her usual demeanor in an instant. She is also widely noted for being incredibly courageous, either through not knowing or not caring about the odds she's getting herself in to. She is also incredibly friendly, and unless she's angry with someone, she always has a kind word in reserve for anyone she sees who looks like they're having a bad day. She doesn't often show her other emotions very often, but she seems to bear a grudge against her stepfather for reasons she doesn't feel like explaining. She does not acknowledge the word 'No' when she wants to do something, and isn't afraid of going through a lot of trouble to get whatever it is she's after.

History: Asagi was born and raised on Windfall, a short ways off the coast of the Harribel's empire. Her father was a weapon smith, and her mother a seamstress. She spent most of her time with her father when she was young, instilling in her the tomboyish nature she is known for. When she was ten, a terrible storm hit the island, and her father was killed during it. Her mother remarried fairly quickly, despite Asagi's protests, and she was quickly given a terrible stepfather. He didn't like the idea of a daughter who acted more like a man than a woman, and attempted to beat the 'disrespect' out of her. He quickly found out that his stepdaughter was nimble enough to break his arm in the twenty seconds it took him to threaten her. Despite this, he tried countless times to prevent her from fulfilling her dreams until she finally got fed up with it and threatened to put a bullet through his head. Later that day, she took her father's specially-made handguns and set out for the mainland, mind on adventure. She's been on the mainland for exactly one year now, and she's quickly built up a reputation for herself; a courageous, kind-hearted heroine who would go through great lengths to help others. She is also established as not looking for or wanting a mate, though she is in the market for traveling companions.

Appearance: Asagi is, bluntly, short; she's exactly five feet tall, with shoulder-length blond hair dyed to black at the fringes, with a white hair clip in it. A single shock of her hair refuses to comply with her and remain in place, hanging above her right eye most of the time, partially obstructing her ice-blue eyes. Her skin is lightly tanned, and she is fairly muscular for a woman, usually dressing in a white shirt with black straps over her shoulders, and a white skirt with black short-shorts beneath. Usually, she sports a tattered white jacket with a blue cross on both sleeves and one on the back. She wears black boots that stop at her ankles, and carries her handguns one on either hip.

Other: Anything not fitting in the above categories.
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