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Default Ties of Fate [SU]

The flow of time brings with it many things. Revolution and innovation, bliss and despair, life and death. So many elements connected by a central point few care to notice in a world full of seeming inconsistencies. But all things are related, in ways most do not or will not understand.

A continent of the West makes this apparent. On this landmass, several different species, connected deeply yet separated by large bounds from each other. Few records exist of the time before Humans became dominant on this continent of the world; oral traditions aren't shared, and most have ascended to mere myth save for those written by the Humans. Under the banner of a family by the name of Harribel, whose leading man and woman were practitioners of the magic of light and darkness, an empire was forged from a settlement in what is now a grand castle. Those that did not join with them were forced into hiding or killed off entirely, and only three small groups remained neutral during this time. Over the course of ten years, what had been a land ruled by lawlessness had been subjected to a brutal takeover, creating order amongst the Human factions for the first time.

Revolutions of that magnitude happen only once in a century, but progress does not stand still for such to happen. Between the one hundred and twelve years that have passed since that time, much has changed. The Human empire has entered the age of industry, and the introduction of guns to their militia has added to their strength, being mixed with training in archery, fencing and other military strengths. The steam engine allows ships to travel against the winds, the new heavy steel of the hull prevents them from being tossed about in the terrible winds created by Cyclos, and the canons mounted on them make them formidable even to the monsters dwelling in the deep. But revolution always occurs when things seem to be going perfectly for those in charge, but terribly for those beneath them.

Angered by the poor treatment of their fellow citizens, a group of knights within the royal guard have broken away from their duties and formed an alliance of dissidents and criminals willing to overthrow the current government. Following an ill-handled epidemic determined to be caused by someone with experience in medicine, a resurgence of species previously thought extinct, and increasingly troubling rumors surrounding the royal family itself, the rebellion has come at one of the worst possible times. Unknown to the revolutionaries, the reasons for these actions is merely because the alternatives would be far, far worse; their attempts to reconcile with the races they previously pushed into hiding is met by violent riot from the people of the cities; the quarantine of a small town for an outbreak of a deadly disease with no name, offering no assistance to the infected of the town for fear of it spreading through the rest of the kingdom, and the apparent death of the king's son go unexplained to the outside world, the truth known only by a select few, forbidden to breathe a word of it.

As revolution boils, however, more distressing rumors continue circulating through the Western continent; the activities of thieves, murderers and rapists have been emboldened; the advancing technology and magic has been turned to malicious use; the world as most know it is teetering on the brink of collapse. Forgotten by most are the old gods of the world, and though most are not concerned with the lack of remembrance, several have turned their hatred against Humanity, Chaos stirring violence in all, Misery filling the hearts of the otherwise satisfied, vengeance being wrought upon those who have done nothing. However, those absorbed in their anger don't see a much larger threat brooding on the horizon; a terrible legion beyond the reach of the steam ships of the Harribel family, planning to conquer the land lying across the seas, against whom the royal army is preparing to hold off. This story is concerned less of them and more of the heroes who will be forged in this time; those who will save the world they know from certain destruction, or those who will lead it to ruin. Only time will tell what strands of fate will be intertwined, time which waits for none to respond to its call...

The world:
Please consult this map for general locales. Many more cities exist in the known world than this; feel free to place and name them as you please. Keep in mind that the world has just entered the industrial age; the most advanced weapons are canons and guns with more than one shot. The most advanced technology would be the steam ships and other steam-powered devices being built. Railways have not yet been invented, either. Magic is also powerful in this world, though most are unable to learn how to use it from lack of interest of being cut off from the knowledge to do so.

Noteworthy Races:

Humans: The dominant force, Humans are usually considered by other races to be favored by the gods. Their physical and magical capabilities can range from average to amazing, and their ingenuity allows them to work with situations most other races would have no idea how to quell. Their main strength is in their ability to make items and adapt to most any environment. They use a combination of swords, guns, and other such conventional weapons. Humans are not limited to one field of magic, and therefore have much more potential for picking up multiple disciplines.

Lycans: One of the races that was almost entirely wiped out in the Harribel's takeover of the continent, Lycans are Humanoid creatures with the ability to morph into a single animal, chosen when the being reaches a certain age. Lycans generally have a few features from the animal they transform in to, though this varies immensely between individuals. They exhibit traits similar to their animal forms, ranging from increased strength and dexterity to better sight and speed. They have formed a tentative alliance with the royal family in recent years, and were hit worst by the epidemic from two years ago. They use a variety of weapons, and have a wide range of fighting styles.

Succubi and Incubi: Two different yet similar races living on the islands beyond the mainland. Succubi are Humanoids with bat wings and other generally demonic features, varying from each person but generally consisting of a spade tail and horns in addition to their wings. Incubi generally exhibit more birdlike traits, ranging from merely having bird wings on their backs to having actual talons and tail feathers, though this too varies by individual. Both races are neutral towards the Humans, and are not a part of the Harribel's empire. Both races have a high aptitude for magic use and ranged combat, but suffer from somewhat lower endurance than Humans. They are limited to four disciplines of magic.

Elves: Rumored to have descended from the Angels themselves, Elves are generally classified as beautiful Humans with generally blond or raven hair and sharp blue or green eyes. They live in the forests, though their numbers have dwindled in the years since the Human's assertion of power. They tend to use more elegant weapons and magic than Humans, and their agility and eyesight is superior, while their physical strength is generally lower than average Humans. Elves use bows, katana and magic associated with the forest, but can learn no more than two disciplines of magic.

Fairies: Small, Human-shaped creatures with dragonfly or butterfly wings on their back. They are a peaceful race that lives only in the deepest of forests, and as such many have been disappearing from the known world. They stand, at most, five inches tall and generally emit a light that occasionally reflects strong mood shifts. As they are a peaceful race, they don't use weapons, but have a wide knowledge of the world and the creatures inhabiting it, making them good for information when one can be found. They are also very skilled at magic, being able to learn all disciplines save for Time magic.

Dwarves: Not seen since before Humans attempted to form a government, Dwarves live in an underground city named Abyss hidden in the mountains. The diminutive Humanoids are fairly distrustful of strangers, and have a strong sense of honor. The majority of their society revolves around mining, and though they have few warriors, those who have fought a Dwarf know that just one is a force to be feared. Dwarves are limited to learning Earth magic, and are physically superior to Humans in the way of physical might and endurance, well making up for their limited magic.

Gods & deities: A race of beings that existed in the world before its creation ages ago, the gods are embodiments and controllers of whatever it is they are the personification of. In their own alternate plane of existence, they are unstoppable, but upon traveling to the Human world, their powers are drastically cut, making them weak enough to be taken down by exceptionally powerful Humans and other species, though they remain unkillable. If defeated in the Human world, their bodies turn to dust and they reappear in their alternate plane. Various gods, such as Noir, the god of shadows, and Cyclos, goddess of the wind, prefer to reside in the world of Humans. Compared to all other creatures, the gods in the Human world still have an immense store of power from which to draw on, but they are forbidden from attacking mortals unless in self-defense. Usually, there is only one deity for any particular element or other thing in which they embody, but in rare occasions, there will be more than one (Example; Noir and Nox are both the god/goddess of shadows) for a particular thing. Most of the gods and goddesses are related in some way.

Misc.: Other races exist, and will be allowed within the boundaries of reason. Please give a brief explanation of the race in your SU if you make one up.


The Royal Guard: A fighting force of Humans working for the Harribel family. They are well-equipped fighters, but it has been noticed they are stretched fairly thin after the mass desertion. They have access to most of the ships and weapons available, but most do not know how to use magic.

The Rebels: A group of former Royal Guards who learned of the hidden incidents and decided it was time for a change in management. Many criminals have allied with them, as the group was in charge of the penitentiary when they decided to desert. Their fighting force is strong enough to challenge the Royal Guard, and is widely varied.

Neutral: Those with no part in either group. They can be part of a neutral group if you so please; if you do, please give a bit of detail about the group you are making.


Elemental: Consisting of Fire, Ice, Wind, Water, Earth, and a few unclassified spells, Elemental magic is the easiest to learn and the most widely used. Each begins with one general-purpose spell which can branch out to many others the more you know about the particular discipline. Each one has their own nature much like the deity they are personified by, and as such magic is known to misfire if you fall out of favor of that god. (NOTE: Each element is a discipline in and of itself)

Light & Shadow: The two most powerful sects of magic, Light and Shadow are used for defense and offense, respectively. Alone, they are rather useless, but when combined by a tactical mind, it is by far one of the most versatile and powerful of them all. Light and Shadow magic generally consists of manifesting various things, such as swords and shields. However, they both have an attack spell that takes a random combination branch, which can be devastating to opponents. Mastering these two branches of magic takes years, but its few users have been nearly unstoppable in combat when used correctly. Unfortunately, attacks with Light and Shadow can be separated and deflected easily with the correct observations, effectively rendering it fairly useless against highly perceptive opponents.

Unsorted: There are a few instances where a magic user does not fit in with a category, or has completely unique abilities previously unheard of. Abilities not fitting in an above category should be explained.

Time: INACCESSIBLE Time magic is the manipulation of time in order to influence events. Only the Goddess of Time has access to this magic, and for good reason.


1) No godmodding
2) No bunnying
3) Romance and violence is allowed, but keep your clothes on or be introduced to Death himself.
4) Making up species and magic abilities that don't fit are perfectly acceptable, but nothing too outrageous.
5) Feel free to name and describe some cities if you like (Be sure to give us about where it is on the map)
6) You may sign up as a deity, but a warning; if I deem you are g-modding, you're getting curbstomped so bad the curb will go with you.
7) YOU MAY NOT, AND I REPEAT, MAY NOT sign up as the goddess of time.
8) Have fun... or I'll eat your left kidney >:U


Name: Your name (First required, last optional)

Age: How old you are

Race: What race you belong to

Gender: If I have to explain, go back to anatomy.

Faction: What group you belong to (Neutral, rebels or royal army note; you don't actually have to be in the army to ally with them)

Magic abilities: Give us a general on what you can do in terms of magic. Optional if you don't want to use magic.

Weapons: What sort of weapons you use in combat.

Interesting abilities: Anything out of the ordinary your character can do. This can be about anything, but don't go too crazy with it.

Personality: Describe your character's personality. A good five lines.

History: What your character has been doing up until now. As a timeline; the Prince died ten years ago, the epidemic was three years ago, and the revolution started two months ago. Around two paragraphs.

Appearance: Describe what your character looks like. A picture and a short description or at least five lines.

Other: Anything not fitting in the above categories.
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