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Default Re: Pokémon: The Defenders[SU]

Name: Hikari Kakura
Age: 09/15/1995 15
Gender: Female
Appearcance: Hiakari has long dark hair. She wears a peach-ish colored short and a black skirt. She has dark blue eyes. She has this creamy colored skin. She also wears the saphire encrested necklace that was given to her by her grandmother. She wears black convers with white laces and white toe piece on the front of the shoe.
Personaility: Hikari is a girly girl. She is always wearing something girly and hates things such as sports. But she is not a delicate little father's girl. She is a bit rude when you first meet her because she is afraid of getting hurt. She sometimes breaks the rules just because she feels like it. She does not care for much except her friends, her two pokemon. She loves to brush her hair with her special hair brush that her grandmother had given her. She likes to dress up in dresses for special occassions even though she never has any reason to. She dreams of one day becoming a famous singer as well. Though her aspirations are high she still tries to keep her dream alive in her heart. She doesn't try to accomplish this but she loves to have daydreams. Daydreams in which she is singing on stage being adored by all of her fans. She also loves to dance to energetic music. She may come off as conceited since she is usually always brushing her or looking at herself in the mirror.

She likes to write songs as well. She has a creative side to her that only comes out when she is alone or with her pokemon who she trusts very well. She likes to be alone most of the time because of the peace. She sometimes wishes she could get the courage to go back to the pageants and face those who laughed at her. She has almost done it a few times but to no avail. She also likes to cook even though she is a terrible cook. She likes to keep to herself and walk alone. She is shy and timid at times. Yet at other times she can be bold and daring. She cares not what grown-ups think due to how her parents ignore her. She also is not too fond of small children. She can be self-centered at times but she tries to put others before herself. She feels she can not trust anyone but her pokemon. She has a passion for taking care of her pokemon and will do what it takes to keep them safe.
History: Hikari has been competing in beauty pageants all of her childhood. Her mother and her spent alot of time together so she and her mother are very close. She never really knew what its like to not be the center of attention. She had competed in pageants for 10 years. She was a natural at beauty pageants. She had the talent of being able to sing amazingly and her personality helped her pass the question round. She had earned the title of the Pageant Princess because she had won one hundred pageants in a row. But, the day of her most important pageant she also made a terrible mistake. She tripped and fell off the stage. Not only that but she landed onto the food table. She was embarrassed and humiliated. After that she lost all of her confidence. She never returned to the pageant stage. Her mother always tries to convince her but Hikari always says no. Hikari is teased by some girls of that faithful day at the pageant. She stayed in her room for quite alot of years after school. Her grades increased but she had lost all of her friends.

She dropped out of her private school, and went to normal school where no one knew her as the Pageant Princess. There she was able to live a normal life and make friends. Ever since the incedent she never performs anyhwere or goes out in public too much. She had always wanted to compete in the talent show but her fear of humiliation stopped her from doing so.She fears ridicule. Things got even got worse when her parents completley ignored her. Or at least it feels like it to her. Her mother gave birth to her baby sister, Leslie. Lesile received all the attention from her parents. Hikari feels alone and she skips school sometime now. She has become somewhat of a rebel due to the lack of attention. She is never home, but her parents don't really notice she's gone. This doesn't help, Hikari at all. She is always alone now and she's been assaulted a number of times. Hikari had started dating the wrong kind of guys and her parents without a clue. Her parents show not too much interest in her. Hikari had planned to run away. Hikari then met her Piplup one day and had been contemplating wether or not to become a cooridinator. What had hindered her from becoming a cooridinator was that she was afraid of performing in front of the crowd. Had it not been for Hikari finding her Piplup in the forest one day Hikari might've ended up pregnant and on drugs. Hikari loves her Piplup very much for putting her back on the right path. Hikari and her Piplup act as if they were brother and sister.
Role: Coordinator
Pokemon Team:

Nickname: Nero
Species: Piplup
Gender: Male

Nickname: Lilly
Species: Pachirisu
Gender: Female
Other: None
Credit to Lynchy Pokemon lives forever!

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