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Default Re: Pokémon: The Defenders[SU]

Full Name: Phoenix Lewiet
D.O.B/Age: 1/12/1990 (20)
Gender: Male

Robert stands at 6ft tall with a slender build. His skin is a fair-skin caucasian. He has short, messy blue hair and deep, blue eyes. Black rings under his eyes shows that he suffers from insomnia. He wears a white long sleeved shirt top, blue jeans pants, white socks and a pair of Nike shoes.

Personality: Phoenix is rather calm and collective most of the time. Sometimes his personality comes off as bland due to his calm, quiet speaking voice. He is not easily excited, but will either grin or keep his mouth open if he is. He prizes justice above all else. He abhors those who knowingly abandon other, manipulate others or use fear to control others. He can be friendly, but it takes a while to earn that friendship as he has been a loner for most of his life. Those who do earn his trust and friendship he holds dear and will help them in any legal way possible. He loves his Pokemon friends dearly as they are the only ones he has been able to confide in. In essence, he trusts Pokemon more than he does other human beings. In battles, he is cold and calculating. He plans out his strategies beforehand and can change on the fly in order to adapt to changing situations.

History: Phoenix, or Nick as the few friends he has calls him for short, led a difficult life from the beginning. He was born in Pewter City, Kanto, and his mother died giving birth to him. He was raised yet shunned by his father who kept blaming him for his mother's death. He was constantly neglected by his father once Phoenix was old enough to do things for himself. One day Phoenix decided to run away. Two days into his adventure from home, he came across an injured Vulpix that had been abandoned by her owner. It took some time to earn the Vulpix's trust, but eventually he was able to pick her up and get to Cerulean City and get the Vulpix the medical care she needed.

He was approached there by Officer Jenny who was concerned why someone under the age of ten would be out on his own. Robert recounted his story to Jenny. Appalled by the actions of his father, the police officer had Phoenix's father arrested for neglect and abuse. Instead of sending Phoenix to an orphanage, she decided to adopt Phoenix. From that point on, Phoenix grew up well cared for, but he was still quiet. Intrigued by the legal system and motivated to punish those who willingly bring harm to others, he began schooling for law to become a detective. While most other students had their Growlithes and Arcanines, Phoenix insisted on using his Vulpix. Although he was made fun of for this choice at first, Vulpix proved to be every bot as good as any Growlithe in the school. Still, the teasings didn't help with his social skills. Only a few kids stood up for him: Lilly who was studying to become a defense attorney, James, who studies to become a police officer,and Janice, who was studying to become a prosecutor. Upon graduating at the top of his class and at such a young age, he was given an Eevee by his adopted mother as a present.

One day after the graduation ceremony, he and his friends went to the library. Phoenix found an old, musty tome. All four were intrigued by it, but Phoenix was the first, and only one of the four, who touched it. He got pulled into the book and found himself in a foreign land.

Pokemon (first stage evolution):

Nickname: Flare
Species: Vulpix
Gender: Female

Nickname: Isis
Species: Eevee
Gender: Female

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