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Default Re: Pokémon: Catch 22 [SU]

Full Name: Aiden Riddles
D.O.B/Age: 3/02/1991 & 19
Gender: Male
Aiden has dark-brown hair. He pale skin and is about 5'11. Aiden has hazel coloured eyes. His usual attire is usually unusual and rather outdated clothes. He pretty much enjoys feeling unique. He is definitely a well dressed person in his own rights. He doesn't obsess about the way he looks but he cares about it. He seems like a well mannered person but he doesn’t really exhibit a lot of emotions on his face and people seem to get weirded out by that. He is very particular on the type of clothing he wears. He likes dark coloured clothing but he isn’t fussed on wearing colours to suit his mood.

Personality: Aiden isn’t rather emotive and it shows when you first meet him. He comes off as rather cold, closed off and detached from his feelings but that’s exactly the opposite the person he is. He’s rather thoughtful and helpful for those in need. It takes him a while to trust people but when you become an ally of his, he really looks out for you. He’ll always be there for his friends and families and especially his Pokémon whom he loves without a doubt. His courageous and heroic manner is something that he expresses from time to time, but would usually opt of doing anything that would get him noticed if he could help it.
He has recently developed an uncontrollable feeling of rage and anger due to his parents’ divorce but he has kept things bottled and put it all in his stride which can be unhealthy if you’re not expressing your anger into something useful.
He’s travelled around a couple regions and knows his poke balls from his potions so you could say his cockiness is within his ability as a trainer. . He has a slightly naivety streak going and will believe just about anyone. He does have tendency to be very sarcastic and although he seems rather together and perfect, He can come across as extremely hostile and rude which is something that’s occurring more and more with Aiden,
His attitude during Pokémon battles can seem rather brash and a personality difference but he’s very intense and serious when it comes to anything trainer related. He’s very analytical and is often seen paying a lot of attention on opponent’s strategies to come up with their predictability. Most of his battles to see what he can do to improve his own skills and become less predictable and make sure his skills as a battler aren’t traceable.
A trait he has gotten from his mother who is a Pokémon Specialist is his ability to be patient. He can be the type to seem sensitive one minute then totally switch and be mad about something. Like a lot of trainers, he desires to be one of the best trainers in history. He'll always strive to do so. His hopes and dreams have always been centered on that and it’s mainly his source for doing what he does. His love for battling makes him want to battle more until he is the one who defeats them all.

History: Growing up in the Hoenn Region, Aiden has always been fond of Pokémon. He doted on them, especially since his parents had so many of them for their respective careers. He grew up as a happy, seemingly perfect child who has such bright dreams and desires and that he was. When he was on the verge of turning ten, he was completely ready to begin his journey. He left without as much as a bye to his parents before he busted his way through the doors and onto his exciting new journey.

Once turning the big ten, he received his trainer’s license and was excited about his new adventure he shall take. He had jumped around in his room for an hour about it. He had dreamed about having the possible journey of traveling around the regions and getting badges, meeting others like him, competing in the Pokémon League. He set off to begin his journey and once he had picked his starter and set off with a small 'see ya!' to his family. At the age of 12 Aiden has competed in the Kanto Pokémon League, coming fourth but he was determined to do better in his next region so he set off to Johto and got his badges and came third. He was impressed by his wins and traveled back to Hoenn where he decided to take a well deserved break. His father was now the running a Pokémon Farm in which he raised and sold Pokémon Eggs to various Centers and buyers around the regions for. Aiden decided to take time off to help out his father.

When he found out about his parent’s pending divorce, Aiden was in shock. He didn’t know what to do. It changed him unimaginably. He became more closed off and lost control of his emotions. He wasn’t the happy go lucky boy he was after this realization. He tries to deal with it but he doesn’t know how so he suppresses and tries move on with his Pokémon Journey. As he begins to restart his journey as a Pokémon Trainer, he sees this mysterious book. An aging tome. He touches it and he gets sucked in and finds himself outside without a clue where he is.

Pokémon (first stage evolution):

Species: Chimchar
Gender: Female

Nickname: Tara
Species: Tsutarja
Gender: Female

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