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Default Pokémon: The Defenders[SU]

Pokemon: The Defenders

2010. The Pokémon World is in chaos. New and mysterious evil organisations have crippled the Sinnoh Region, making it isolated from the rest of the world.
Lord Rezora, the head of unnamed evil organisation stands proudly over Sinnoh, as their controller. Killings of humans and Pokémon have taken place.
There’s no such thing as mercy here. No such thing as rules and no such thing as remorse.
After a long day at school or work, you come home to a large mysterious tome that looks pretty beaten up by time. It’s rather spooky because it’s calling
you to open it. It’s calling your name to tease it by taking a look and when you do. When you open it, it sucks you into it. You find yourself in the Sinnoh
region, where everything you've heard of on the news is true. This book is the work of a unknown man whose desire is for a team to take on Lord Rezora
and free Sinnoh from their soul-crushing grip. There’s no time to freak out, just take on your assumed roles and help out Sinnoh.

  • Forum rules of PE2K apply in this RPG. Please read and follow the TOS (Terms of Service)
  • No bunnying. This should be expected not to do. It includes murder of a character without being given permission.
  • No god-modding. Being a God Modder is a sign of being an ass and makes it to where other player's do not want to RP with you. Do not do this. It kills the fun of roleplaying. Let's keep things realistic.
  • Swearing is allowed in this RP but please let's keep it to a minimum. It gets mundane to see someone swearing in every sentence in their post.
  • Be active. This should go without saying but I would like to accept dedicated members who won't wither away in Day three of this role-play.
  • Romance is allowed, of course but let's keep it completely Disney please. XD
  • Post literate replies, please. No one-liners, text talk, slang, none of it. I would like to see quality in each posts because it helps progress with the role-play. It makes the RP more enjoyable and helps with muses for other people.

[B]Full Name:[*/B] Your first and last name.
[B]D.O.B/Age:[*/B] date of birth and current age.
[B]Gender:[*/B] male or female?
[B]Appearance:[*/B] A picture and a paragraph describing his appearance.
[B]Personality:[*/B] Atleast two adequate paragraph describing his personality.
[B]History:[*/B] Atleast two adequate paragraphs telling us about his history.
[B]Pokemon (first stage evolution):[*/B] A maximum of two right now.

-insert image code here-

-insert image code here-


Khalid as Aiden Riddles
Kryo as Celeste

mickmon95 as Hikari Kakura

Mewcario as Phoenix Lewiet
Gentle Manne as Adela Bonheur




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