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Default Re: Pokemon: Field of Dreams- The actual RP

Kole watched as the purple creature got up, and observed as walking seemed like a new thing to the monkey. Kole himself seemed to find walking easy, but upon looking down at his own legs, the boy noticed that there was a large flap of skin covering his legs from all sides, as if he was wearing a gown. 'Is this normal?' he thought. Looking forward, he saw the purple monkey walking awkwardly. It seemed friendly. It hadn't attacked him yet. Maybe, since it was just as confused as he was, they could stick together and find out what's going on? Seemed like a good idea to Kole. He approached the monkey and asked "Hey, would it be alright if I stuck with you. I have no idea what's going on, and sticking with someone here would seem logical as opposed to being alone." He didn't want to sound desperate for a friend, but the idea of being alone in this strange world was terrifying him. And besides, this thing technically wasn't a person, so it couldn't bully him, right?
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