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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church PG-13 (edited and redone)

The woods were silent for the longest time. Ashley didn't expect anyone out here in the woods so silence was expected as she sat up in the tree house. The only thing she heard were birds chirping and occasional horns being blown from passing cars. The sunlight shined through the top of the trees and beamed onto the ground, making the grass shimmer. As Ashley sat up in the tree, a voice was heard below her on the ground.

"Hey, my name's Damon Salvatore. Did you build this? It's really good." The male voice asked. Ashley quickly stood up and walked over towards the edge, grabbing onto the stable wood railing so she wouldn't fall. On the ground stood a man looking up at her, giving Ashley a charming smile. He was about 5'9 and was slender. He had dark brown eyes that were almost black and straight black hair with rainbow lights in it due to the sun shining down brightly on him, like a crow's feathers. His outer appearance seemed to show that he wasn't that much older then Ashley.

"Salvatore? As in Stefan Salvatore? I'm guessing you're his brother then." Ashley said as she climbed down the wood latter to be face to face with him. "I'm Ashley Gilbert. And yeah, me, my brother and our friend built this awhile ago. Surprisingly it's pretty stable." Ashley said. She looked down at Damon's hand and saw a ring on his right middle finger. All of a sudden Bonnie's voice came into her head from earlier.

Ichiru has a special bewitched ring that he wears that protects him from sunlight. Ashley pushed the thought away. Surely Damon couldn't of been a Vampire. What's the coincidence that a Vampire would just walk up to Ashley and start talking to her? Then again, Ichiru did. Plus Ashley was alone in the woods, so if Damon was a Vampire, then this would be his perfect time to strike. She looked at him for a few moments before speaking.

"So, what brings you out here in the woods?" Ashley asked as she tried not to sound nervous.
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