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Default Re: Election Day 2010

Originally Posted by Starkipraggy View Post
Ehh, that site is too far on the liberal end of the spectrum for me, honestly. I support not giving the rich more tax cuts, but the way they describe the dirty, thieving, evil rich is kind of overblown.

Nonetheless, +1 signature.
Originally Posted by Lord Khajmer View Post
I'll clarify that point, the health care bill has done nothing for now except ban denying children based on pre-existing conditions. The health care companies have a four year grace period to make the reforms before the mandates kick in (so 2014). So really, the law has yet to have any actual effect, since of course the insurance companies are devoting their attention towards ways around the law rather than adjusting to comply.
Well, that's awfully distressing. The sites I popped over to seemed to imply all this super-great stuff was gonna happen right away; maybe I missed the part about the mandates. Well, that and the media likes to rave about the shocking health-care bill and its thunderous ramifications.

Of course, saying "This is a bill with minimal changes which will not take effect for another four years" wouldn't make a good story, would it?
Originally Posted by Kenny_C.002 View Post
No, the bubble was going to pop anyway. This is different from the ordinary boom/bust cycle in businesses in it that it's a strong inflation in money followed by a strong downward depression. Basically, it's a much larger increase in amplitude of the cycle. The Rich, however, cashed in on both the inflation and the recession for the most part.
First of all, heavily amused by typing "The Rich" capitalized like it's an evil organization. Assuming that wasn't a typo, anyway.

Kenny, can I ask you where you get all your information from? It's pretty remarkable just how much you know about all these subjects; I'd really like to be informed on these things but I'm not really sure where I can get information from or even how to sort legit stuff from all the other flawed/opinionated stuff out there.
Her opponents are Obama and Nader if she does run in 2012. Given it's Palin, we'll probably see a strong increase in Nader votage and Obama's strongest chance at being a 2-term president. Despite being the strongest chance, it is possible that voter apathy may come back to bite Obama in the butt.
No, no, I really do believe that Palin would shoot herself in the foot with how severely polarizing she is. Seriously, her only real base is in the far-right Tea Party; anyone even remotely moderate hates her.

Honestly, I have never even understood the appeal of Sarah Palin. Glenn Beck is an incredible communicator and, I suppose, actor (seriously, watch his show, it's pretty amazing what he can do with a chalkboard and some emotion), Limbaugh is a skilled debater...what does Palin have? People call her charismatic or something, but I just want to turn off my TV every time I hear her shrill harpy cry of "You betcha!"
Our last voter turnout was 28% (lowest in Canadian history)
Thanks for the explanation. That statistic is extremely depressing, gotta say.
That's because we view health care as a right. Some, like Dark Lord's parents and most of the top 2% of America, view it not as a right. It's unfortunate, since not everyone's working for Microsoft or Google, who can throw away a million dollars so an employee's premature baby can live.
I'm not so sure that's it; I think it owes more the the perplexing attitude many Republicans hold towards the government, their knee-jerk hiss and furious rallying against the government sticking its grubby fingers in anything, even if it's something best left to the government.
Originally Posted by Lusankya View Post
Independents really CAN'T have a voice. Since they're well, independent, they aren't a party and therefore can't form a collective loud enough to have a voice. By nature, independents all have their own agendas and their own thoughts, meaning their voices turn into a rabble like that in a high school cafeteria, rather than a single unified voice. It's not a problem with the party system, it's just the inherent nature of a group of nonaffiliated people.
Hey, now, don't be downplaying what went down at DC.
Originally Posted by The KKK Official Site
The Ku Klux Klan, LLC. has not or EVER will have ANY connection with The "Westboro Baptist Church".
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