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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Emmett Vanderburg
World of Living; Entering Karakura Town

"Mein Gott," Emmett commented to himself as he walked further into the town. "What hell-hole have I just come to?" There were Hollows everywhere, and not just the regular Dämon of his homeland, oh no, these were freaks by even Hollow standards. Emmett didn't even bother with them, although it would have been interesting to battle one. But his comment was mainly due to the spiritual pressure he was sensing, the massive waves of energy that went right through his body and twisted his insides like a knife. He had never before felt anything close to it, not even his Captains with all of their power released would equal a speck of the energy he was feeling. Even though Emmett was not a very religious person, the closest thing that could fit the description was the energy of a god.

This whole island was insane. He should have just stayed in Germany. No use in complaining now, he figured, he might as well just get his mission over with. Of course, that was easier said than done. Find Valdemar Cornelius, they told him, although he will probably go by the name Alexander or just Alex. But the only problem was Captain Alexander left the Damon-Morder before pictures had been invented, so Emmett had to find him on verbal description alone. Talk about finding a needle in a haystack the size of Japan.

Idily, the ex-soldier tossed the stone in his hand up and down. It wasn't a very big stone, but it was the most beautiful, heart-breakingly deep blue Emmett had ever laid eyes upon. It was as if someone had gone deep beneath the sea and crystlized a bit of ocean and water and he was holding the result in his hand. It reminded him of waves crashing on the sand and the deep, lonely howl of a whale song. Sometime he even believed the stone had a soul, although he had no idea why he suspected it, he just did. The best thing though was that it was unlocking his sword's powers all over the place, being a water zanpakuto, Himmel-Tränen was deeply affected by the stone and Emmett was certain that he'd get it to reach its Entschleiert stage soon.

But, one step at a time. Luckily, the god-monster was heading north, away from him, and he was starting to feel other beings as well. He pocketed the stone again and looked around. People were staring at him, which he supposed was the natural reaction you got when you waled around in broad daylight wearing a unifrom that hadn't been seen since World War II along with a rapier at his side. They were unimportant though, they weren't like the man he was looking for. With a sigh he looked up and stopped dead in his tracks.

There was a giant clock in the sky. Its outlined was vague and looked as if it were made from gold dust. Something in Emmett's memory stirred, and a line came to him. He'll be easy to spot if he happens to have called upon Entschleiert, you'll be able to sense him then. If not then you can just look up, since it creates a giant gold clock in the sky. A smile came to his lips. Well, this was just his luck, wasn't it? This might not have een nearly as hard as he thought.

"Ich danke wirklich, Dame Fortune Ihnen, um auf mich heute zu lächeln." He said out loud, and began running. He unsheathed his rapier and it came free with a bright ringing noise. Then when he had built up a good speed he leaped right into the air and on top of one of the buildings with ease. He hopped from structure to structure, heading for the great big clock in the sky.

Septem, Quinque, and Alex
World of Living; Karakura Town
None, Holders, and Neutral

"Oh this is terrible. Just terrible!" Quinque was muttering to himself, shaking his head in sorrow. Alex had recovered and was now out destroying the nearby Hollows.

"Keep it down Quinque, before you give yourself a stroke," Septem muttered. He greeted Marvin, who would be an excellent help to their forces if he decided to help, but more pressing urges rose to his head. Namely, Shintoko. He was sure that if he and Quinque used their powers then they could inflict a serious punishment on the traitor, but the question was would it work? Could the Prevailer of Chaos' power somehow cancel out their own. He was not certain, and he didn't feel like risking the town trying. That would rack up some major punishments for sure. Occasionally he would turn and jab his lance half-heartedly at a group of Hollows and incinerate them, but the arrival of Shintoko just seemed to have taken the fury out of him.

Quinque on the other hand, dithered and threw concentrated Spirit Fire at the Hollows, but he was worried as well. Perhaps even more so, since he almost obliterated a building on accident and was reprimanded by Septem. "The others must know about this," he said out loud, striking with his mallet.

"I'm sure they already do," Septem replied coolly. Most of the Hollows around them were gone, and the stragglers left were being picked off by Alex's time warping abilities. "But, we can't do anything about it and avoid him for the most part. That is, until we get our strength back." He stabbed violently, spearing Hollows and tossing their bodies into the air and using Spirit fire to reduce them to ashes. "Let's just hope that, for everyone's sakes, that his time in prison weakened him a little." The Hollows around them were cleared.

"Gehen wir?" Alex asked, poitning with one of his swords at another group of Hollows. He seemed to be recovered from his near freak-out, and all of the built up anger he had he was taking out on the Hollows.

"Ja,--Yes, we go." Quinque agreed, flaring out his wings and rocketing away, followed by Septem and the Soul Reaper.
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