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Default Re: Pokemon: Field of Dreams- The actual RP

Apei, confused as all heck, wandered into the alleyway as well. "Two people just dissapeared. Something isnt right here..." The human contiuned to walk forward, just as 3 others had done before and a vast expanse of fields opened up, then berry/charm also eminating a lustrous glow and then poof, Apei was gone, but there of course. Feet below Apei's spot lay an Aipom, very much smaller, but the charm around it's neck, very much normal still...

Bunei was not too far away from the mysterious alleyway, and no one could resist going in to see the mysteries. "I think I should go see." She said. Her brown clothing with ruffles as well as he brown clothing shifting as she moved. Every step moved her closer and closer to the surprise waiting for her, the BP charm, glowing.
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