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Default Re: Voice Acting

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post
Ooh, I'd like to participate! 8D I may not sound very good, but I'm taking singing lessons at the moment, so hopefully I'm not horrible. xDD I'll try and do it today...when nobody's home. xD Then if nobody's posted after me, I'll edit this post with the clip. x)

EDIT: I thought we should do Jingle Bell Rock instead, since it's more upbeat and would be more fun, in my opinion. xDD Food for thought?


I don't know, this song's pretty upbeat too. Anyway, I just picked it because it's something we all can do and I found a video we can sing along to (not to mention it'll be easy to put it to instrumental music).

We can do Jingle Bell Rock later if people want.
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