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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church PG-13 (edited and redone)

After the meeting, Harry, Thomas, Molly, and I headed to Mac's and had dinner, turns out, the Merlin of the White Council had told Harry to come here because there was not just regular vampire activity, but royals, a whole new court of vampires previously unknown to the council. Considering how difficult the Red Council was to destroy, this sounded like we'd be in a lot of trouble. After dinner, we headed over to my place and I gave them the keys to the guest cabins in the nearby woods. Then, I headed to my place.

As soon as I opened the door, I knew something was wrong, none of my animals came to greet me and all I could hear was a loud scuffling noise coming from the armory. I picked up my cane and headed for the door. I didn't even need to open it because it slammed open and smacked me in the face. I was thrown onto the floor and standing over me was a hideous, emaciated man with a toady fat head with a wide mouth filled with shark-like teeth. He was clutching an old feathered spear I had previously taken from a Kachina in New Mexico, It was safe to presume he was also a kachina. He picked up the spear and jabbed at me as I rolled away from him and leapt up, swinging my cane into his stomach with a meaty *thunk*. He grimaced in pain and leapt onto the wall, climbing like Spider Man onto the ceiling. He then opened his mouth and vomitted a sticky yellow blob of napalm, which burst into flames as it hit my wall.

"Hey, that's good quality cedar you ass!" I yelled as I grabbed a fire extinguisher and slammed the bugger on the head. He dropped like a dead crow and I swiftly tied him to a table leg. I finished putting out the fire as he came too.

"So, what's up with breaking into my house and trying to kill me" I said to the hideous kachina.

"You must return the artifact so we can finish the ritual, stupid mortal." He croaked. He then tried to wriggle free and spit another super loogie at me, but I just gave him a good whack with the fire extinguisher.

"I wanna know what this ritual of yours is, then I might give you the spear, if you ask nicely." I smirked as I waved the spear in his face.

"We need the ritual so we can help our master return and seize control of his rightful domain." He said, lunging for the spear. Suddenly, another kachina with a coyote's head and tail appeared in the doorway. He kicked me in the chin and grabbed the spear as I dropped it. Then he dissapeared through the doorway he came in.

"That was...wierd." I said to myself.

"Release me and I'll tell you the other item we need to complete the ritual." The toad-man said.

"Ok, you go first." I said

"Our master needs mortal blood to fuel his body, the more blood he gets, the stronger he will become." He warbled, chins gellatinously shaking.

"If you take me to where this is going down, You'll be richly rewarded by the supernatural hunters." I said, coming up with a great idea. The Kachina just smiled.
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