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Default Re: Manifest Destiny =A(nother) Bleach RP=

Looks good, Neo, you ish accepted. Also that is an AWESOME picture of Komamura and his Bankai.

*Clears throat.* Some of you know that lately I've been watching the Bleach musicals. Well, I'm currently on Live Bankai Show Code 002, and there's a song in this one that plays in all the other musicals I've seen so far. This is by far the longest and, imo, best version of this song, which is one of my favorites. I dunno, seems like it's make a good theme song for this, despite the fact that Deliverers and Manifestations and stuff obviously aren't in it.

Mou Hitotsu no Chijou (Another World)

One of the best. Freaking. Songs. Out of the all the Bleach Musical numbers. Go listen and be inspired! ^^

EDIT: Grimmjow's last name always reminds me of beer XD. I thought the Arrancar were supposed to be Spanish, not German/French lol.
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