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Default Re: Battling Center Feedback: Now with new thought! =9

As usual I get on this morning to reread the hot topic of the week.
I must admit I was very stoney last night when I posted but, BlueJello and everyone in or not in a clan I have not intentions to stab at yourself and or any other clan here.

you asked for feedback and I gave it (please remove your heart and feelings when you read any and all my posts here on pe2k )

Again I say I understand the intent ("activity") and Im all for that but when you begin to talk about "making it a priority to make my clan diversified Just in order to have a war" it now sounds to me like you're (not you personally) making thing on pe2k too SMOGON and Marriland ..
as I've said I luked here and there and I know the rules to other site and now it just looks to me like someone on this side of the wall is trying to make PE2K clans look and run like a Marriland site/clans in that we NEED PO or SHODDY to validate a WAR or CLAN.

By no means DO I tell my clan members nor will I, that they must now downlaod PO or shoddy for the benefit to war as I said if they already have it I believe that they are already battling on those platforms but by no means dont enforce me to make it a requesite to be an official clan ..
I myself have several pkmn from emerald to D/several Platinums and severla SS and a HG and when B/W arrives Ill be getting one of each so Im more than content with WiFi and my DS and everyone in my clan knows what Im talking about... some of them in my clan already have PO or shoddy I dont talk about it with them personally as they know Im no good with a convo and am of no use helping in that section of things..

from my stand point everything and anything that happens in the battle center kinda sometimes feels like a crack or stab at my clan in that NO other clan likes how I/we run things in Pokerus Empire... with all the talk about diversity and activity yet no clan is willing to War with us in part to to tiers and uber rules...YET there is a Pokerus friendly "tourney" how about a pkrs friendly WAR.

Im sober right now so Ill say this and I hope it doesnt come out wrong
There are two active clans on pe2k I've said my part and by no means Do I want my say to be pe2k final say so.. It doesnt work that way nor do I demand it to work that way. But if there were more clans you'd have more people to hear from and alot more people to please and displease...
I voiced my say long ago when I said (RE: the clan cut off to 15) I dont agree with the cut off limit but here we are now 1/2 a year later and the its the same if not worse (activity)

I give up! Do what you will Ill go along with what ever pe2k does but just know when it doesnt work Ill be here to say I told you so and if it does work, then it works..
PKRS Empire wants there to be a flow of activity here which is why we hosted the Battle Frontier tag matches but I think that because everyone and thier mom uses AR for they BP and TM/HMS it doesnt get the activity intended..

to each thier own may the Battle Center Thrive
Over and Out .


Pokérus Empire