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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Kikiraru Dashinara~ Routaikakami, Prevailer of Fury
World of the Living; Karakura Town
Humanoid True Forme

Kikiraru was shocked as he felt the immense power surge as the Prevailer of Chaos came out of a portal, and Kikiraru's eyes widened in shock. Something in him screamed for him to charge at the Routaikakami, but he prevented himself, knowing it was suicide. Shintoko was extremely powerful, and though Kikiraru was also powerful, one, he was not a match in his current state, and two, even if he were at full strength he would still be nowhere near powerful enough. There were only a few other Routaikakami that could match Shintoko in power that Kikiraru knew of, and they were either dead, or remaining in Doshon not caring for what was going on in the other Worlds, even though it could spell the end of all the existence if the Hollows won. And now with Shintoko in play, it was a whole lot worse.

Kikiraru staggered to his feet, and looked at his comrades, surprised that they had yet to notice the symbols that had been spread across the city, bombarding the remnants of the Hollows army with energy, vaporising their twisted bodies before they mutated. Kikiraru could feel the suffering that was spread across Karakura Town, could feel all the deaths that had happened, and it struck him to the core. Kikiraru coughed as he glanced around him, when he felt a new presence nearby, and he instantly brought himself to guard, as a portal opened right behind him, growing in width and height until it spread from one end of the roof to the other, and went quite high into the air. A figure, human in shape and appearance, stepped out of the portal, which snapped shut behind him, and Kikiraru's eyes widened in shock.

"Mavrin?" Kikiraru gasped.

Mavrin~ Routaikakami, Prevailer of Life
Doshon>World of the Living; Karakura Town
Human Forme
Preserving the Balance

Mavrin paced inside his home, pondering over his options. The worlds were in turmoil, and some of his bretheren were trying to restore the balance, but the appearance of Shintoko, the Prevailer of Chaos, and killer of Souta, would definitely not help his bretheren who were trying to restore the balance. Factor in the impending war between the Soul Reapers and the Hollows, and the chaos enveloping the worlds, as well as the imbalance in Soul Society, and the worlds were pretty screwed. Mavrin growled softly, waving his hand, his shape twisting into his human forme, and a massive portal opened up in front of him, and he stepped through it. His first sight was of chaos, Hollows were attacking the city, and Mavrin cursed under his breath.

"Mavrin?" a voice gasped on his left flank, and he glanced to see the Prevailer of Fury, Kikiraru, in his Humanoid True Forme.

"Par les pouvoirs, qu'est-ce que vous êtes-vous reçus dans le frère?" Mavrin asked, speaking in fluent French, before turning to look at Soyana. "Et vous, la soeur, ce chaos n'êtes pas bons pour n'importe lequel d'entre vous."

"Mavrin, we are not in France, nor do we speak the language of the French." Kikiraru sighed.

The problem was, not only did Mavrin take on the appearance of a French noble, if you could believe it, but he also spoke in fluent French.

"Nous ne sommes pas en France, sûrement vous plaisantez?" Mavrin exclaimed, his eyes widening as he gazed at Kikiraru.

"I do not jest brother, we are in Japan." Kikiraru explained.

"Ahh, le Japon. C'est en l'Asie, non?" Mavrin asked, and a nod from Kikiraru was his only answer, before Mavrin cleared his throat. "It, has been... a... pendant que puisque j'ai spoken in any d'autre langue besides the French."

"It is good to see you brother, I thought you were remaining in Doshon?" Kikiraru asked, furrowing his brow as he studied the Prevailer of Life.

"C'est juste, j'allais à l'origine rester dans Doshon, but I am not arrogant like the rest of our bretheren, I know when the worlds are in danger of being met with destruction, and I shall do whatever it takes so that does not happen, comprenez-vous?" Mavrin answered.

"I am guessing that you know of the arrival of Shintoko, the Prevailer of Chaos." Kikiraru stated, to which Mavrin nodded. "Well, it is great to see that you have come to aid us."

Kikiraru smiled at the Prevailer of Life, whose power was remarkable, even in his human forme he was still more powerful than Kikiraru, though Kikiraru had expended a vast amount of energy, merely that Mavrin could most probably kill Kikiraru even in human forme currently, though Kikiraru knew that Mavrin would not do so. Mavrin was Kikiraru's mentor, and had actually helped support him with getting a handle of his powers long ago. The two were like true siblings, and Kikiraru trusted Mavrin with his life.
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