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Default Re: Manifest Destiny =A(nother) Bleach RP=

Third time's a charm, ne? I decided to edit Kuramori's SU from FWS because this is far too epic not to include her in XD:

Name: Kuramori Iochi

Age: 377

Gender: Female

Race: Soul Reaper

Description: Kuramori is about 5’6” tall and weighs roughly 125 pounds. Despite her healthy weight, she looks almost painfully skinny; most of her weight seems to be concentrated in her muscle, not in fat and flesh. She has pale gray-green eyes, which are usually partially obscured by her short, unkempt red hair. Her hair always looks as though it’s been hacked off with a dull blade, with it cut shorter in many places than the rest of her hair. She wears the traditional Shihakushō all Soul Reapers wear, but hers is bloodstained and tattered to the point of nearly being indecent. She doesn’t wear shoes of any kind, going barefoot no matter where she walks.

Around her waist is a heavy silver chain, attached to which is the sheath of her Zanpaku-to. The sheath looks battered and, like Kuramori’s clothing, is covered in the old stains of blood. It was once a pristine white, but has faded to an ugly, dirty grayish color.

She’s covered in scars from past battles, though the worst by far is one on her back. It stretches from between her shoulder blades to just above her tailbone and is about two inches wide. It was given to her when she escaped execution not very long ago (see History).

Her overall appearance is one of a woman who cares little for what she looks like; indeed, she seems to be amused by the reactions of people who see her.

Personality: Kuramori is, in a word, insane. And not in a figurative sense, either, but a very literal one. The woman belongs in a high-security asylum of some kind. She can switch between any kind of mood instantly and without warning, being creepily cheerful one moment and frighteningly infuriated the next. There’s no way to tell what might set her off; things that would scare someone might amuse her greatly, and something that might make someone happy can leave her terrified.

When not suffering from these extreme mood shifts, Kuramori is a disturbing person who says the most chilling things every time she opens her mouth. She usually doesn’t follow a conversation, but when she does, it’s usually to insert one kind of morbid comment or another. Normally she likes to ramble about painful ways of killing people. Sometimes, the things she says are so awful it could make someone along the lines of Kenpachi Zaraki uneasy or downright disgusted.

She seems to enjoy hearing stories of suffering, death, and mutilation, oftentimes laughing at things she reads in a newspaper or sees on the news. Her favorite segments are the ones that are graphic in one way or another.

Kuramori has no sense of love, compassion, or mercy, and is completely devoid of morals and shame. In battle she becomes even more of a monster than she is out of a fight, purposefully torturing her foes and mutilating them before finishing them off. There are times when she will draw out a victim’s death, enjoying their agony as much as possible before slaughtering them as painfully as she can.

Kuramori has a deep-seated hatred of other Soul Reapers, and this is the only stable part of her personality. No matter the situation, if she comes across other Soul Reapers, she will inevitably be filled with infuriated loathing and strive to destroy the other. This is due largely to what her broken mind sees as a betrayal against her by several Captains (see History).

History: Kuramori had an average childhood. Her family was one step above poverty, eking out a living in the Rukon District by selling useful things such as clothing. It was discovered early on that she had a rather high level of spiritual pressure, and when she was old enough she went to attend the Soul Reaper Academy. No one was surprised when she easily reached the top of her class, excelling at pretty much everything except Kido. For some reason she simply couldn’t focus enough to perform even simple binding spells. Her other talents more than made up for this single lacking, though, and she graduated from the Academy with high marks. Afterward she joined Squad Eleven, having learned over the course of her training and studies that she was fond of the fight. She quickly ascended to the highest rank one can achieve without being a senior Seated officer, and though she could have easily taken Third or maybe even Second Seat, she was happy with her current position. Instead of having high ambitions, she spent her free time playing with Yachiru and basically spoiling her stupid.

Kuramori, though, was attached firmly to her family. So firmly, in fact, that when an uncle she barely knew was killed in a raid one day, she nearly fell apart. Seiama Izei, a higher-ranking member of Squad Eight, was sent into the World of the Living with a few others to slay a low-level Hollow terrorizing a small village. It turned out the Hollow was not as weak as first thought; it was a Gillian that had managed to compress its spiritual pressure to appear like a normal Hollow. Seiama and the others were quickly slaughtered, and when Kuramori learned of her uncle’s demise, she was struck by a terrible grief that lasted for nearly a week, despite having only met the man three times in her life. Only the threat of being kicked out of Squad Eleven prevented her from losing it then.

There were no more issues like this until roughly two months ago, when a group of Ryoka, assassins who were unhappy with the Soul Reapers and how they were running things, tried to take over the Rukon District to use as their headquarters. It was nearly twenty minutes into the raid before the Soul Reapers realized something was wrong. Kuramori and several other members of Squad Eleven were sent to deal with the problem, but upon arriving they saw at least half of the Rukon District had been killed. Fortunately, the Ryoka were taken into custody before too many more people died; sadly, Kuramori’s parents and younger sister had been among those murdered.

When Kuramori learned of this, she snapped. Her mind shattered and her heart fractured into tiny bits, leaving her mentally and emotionally broken. At first it was thought she was simply experiencing the grief of losing one’s family, but it soon became obvious something was wrong with Kuramori. The grief had rapidly mutated into madness, and by the time anyone noticed, there was no hope of repairing the Soul Reaper’s mind. For a while she was allowed to remain a part of Squad Eleven, but when she unexpectedly attacked her Captain and Lieutenant, she was imprisoned.

What no one was aware of was that Kuramori had long ago achieved Bankai. Her Zanpaku-to was a Void-class weapon, and using its Bankai, she managed to break out of her cell. No longer concerned with hiding her true strength, Kuramori gleefully tore through the Soul Reapers that tried to stop her. Her Bankai overwhelmed so many that it wasn’t long before Captain-Commander Yamamoto himself appeared before the wild Soul Reaper. He was accompanied by Kenpachi, Byakuya, and several other Captains. Undaunted, Kuramori tried to fight them all, at times laughing, at times crying.

Despite her strength, even she was no match for half a dozen Captains. She was overpowered, though not before inflicting some injuries on the others, and was slated to be executed for her actions. On the day she was to be killed, though, two members of Squad Eleven interrupted with news about the corruption of a Senkaimon and their part in the occurrence. For a moment everyone was distracted, and in that moment, Kuramori was struck by a fit of madness so raw that she actually managed to perform Kido. Screaming the incantation, Kuramori unleashed a Sokatsui, much to the shock of everyone present. Her executioners were blown away and her bonds destroyed by the attack, and before anyone could recover, Kuramori fled to the twisted Senkaimon she’d heard the others talking about. She vanished into it, emerging in Karakura Town and immediately rushing off just before three people, a family by the looks of it, arrived at the scene. Certain she’d be pursued, Kuramori hid her spiritual pressure and fled until she no longer had the energy to move.

Afterward, the deranged Soul Reaper recovered and went about doing as she pleased in the World of the Living. She did her best to remain hidden, constantly worried that the Captains of the Soul Society would come for her. This paranoia made her insanity all the worse, attracting a number of Manifestations. Surprisingly enough, their presence seemed to calm Kuramori, and instead of indiscriminately killing them, she allowed them to live. One of them was stronger than the others and possessed a fair amount of intelligence, as well as the ability to control Mani to an extent. As the weeks passed, this Manifestation showed Kuramori how she could wield the ever-increasing amount of Mani, and when it learned of her past, it told her she could use the power to exact revenge on the Captains that had wronged her.

Ever since hearing this, Kuramori has been planning revenge on those who stopped her the night she broke out of her confinement cell. She’s been going over possible deaths for them in great detail, sometimes getting so absorbed in her ideas that she loses track of reality. She seeks to ensure the merging of Manifest with her Outworld, wanting to power of Mani to get revenge on Zaraki and the other Captains who she feels betrayed her. Since learning how to control Mani, even just a bit, she has become far more confident in her ability to slay those she hates, and has actively been out murdering Soul Reapers, Deliverers, and pretty much everyone else as a means of furthering her ability to use Mani.

Powers: Zanpaku-to, extremely limited Mani, see Additional Info for others

Kuramori’s Zanpaku-to is a Void-class weapon and is the only one of its kind. When Kuramori’s mind broke, it happened so quickly and thoroughly that her Zanpaku-to became as twisted as her mind. This seems to have given the weapon more strength than usual. Also, unlike just about every other Zanpaku-to in existence, Kuramori’s has a very bland name, simply being called Collapse.

Sealed state- When sealed, Collapse looks like a regular katana, save for being completely black. The hilt is battered and missing small chunks, though, thanks to Kuramori’s habit of attacking her enemies recklessly.

Shikai- When Collapse is in its Shikai form, it increases in size by about half and the blade grows roughly five feet in length, giving it a longer reach. Its special power is a simple yet deadly one; in addition to causing normal injuries, Collapse can tear open voids on its victims. Like miniature black holes, these voids drain a person’s spiritual pressure over time and also tear away bits of the victim’s flesh surrounding the “wound”. If left untreated, these voids can expand enough to completely cover a victim, leaving them to die a horribly painful death. Thankfully, most people die from having their spiritual pressure drained all the way. Unfortunately, those with higher spiritual pressure will probably last long enough for their bodies to be slowly eaten away by the injuries voids inflicted upon them. Collapse’s release command for Shikai is “Devour”.

Bankai- Collapse’s Bankai is perhaps one of the most deadly and hard to control. When Kuramori utters the release command of “Engulf”, Collapse shows its true strength. It reverts to a sphere of Void energy that is blacker than infinite darkness and exudes a bone-chilling cold that only Kuramori is immune to. Initially this mass is about the size of an average human, but Collapse can absorb Void energy to increase its mass, at times becoming large enough to cover small villages or towns. Collapse can alter its shape and take on any form it likes, though whatever it becomes will be relative to however much mass it has at the moment (with its normal size, it would become either a very small elephant or a very large mouse, for example).

Collapse has no special moves or attacks for its Bankai form. Instead, it has special properties. First, its offensive ability is to engulf a foe and exert crushing gravity, while somehow also being completely devoid of gravity. This results in a bizarre reaction of the foe being crushed by the overabundance of gravity and torn apart by the complete lack of it at the same time. Basically this reduces the foe (or whatever Collapse has targeted) into so much squished scrap. Those who have higher spiritual pressure than Kuramori are unaffected by Collapse’s power, instead only being held in place by it. Also, being part of the Void, as it were, Collapse can only be struck with spiritual attacks or items. Anything not specifically made of or containing some sort of spiritual energy will pass harmlessly through it.

Even before Kuramori became crazed, Collapse was hard to control in its Bankai state. Now, thanks to the perversion of Kuramori’s mind and soul, Collapse is nearly impossible to control. It usually runs rampant, which tends to annoy Kuramori. On the other hand, Collapse spreads gory slaughter when its released, and this gives Kuramori a great deal of amusement. It’s sort of a love-hate relationship these two have. Nonetheless, Collapse’s Bankai form is a drain on Kuramori, so she only uses it during lapses in judgment (which happen often), or when she has come across another Soul Reaper. Other than that, she’s usually smart enough not to go around needlessly releasing Collapse to Bankai form.

Additional Information: Kuramori has the following aspects as her abilities and/or powers-

*Master Swordsmanship Specialist- While she is an expert on various methods of swordplay, Kuramori prefers rushing in to recklessly hack at her opponents. Before she lost her family, she spent hours perfecting this method of sword fighting. Despite it looking like mindless flailing of her sword, Kuramori actually channels a steady stream of spiritual pressure into her Zanpaku-to so her blows are more rapid and deal more damage than they normally would. While this is her preferred method of fighting, Kuramori will draw out a battle as long as possible if she wants to make her opponent suffer. Her swordplay becomes much more complex and difficult to counter, as her strikes tend to come from the shadows.

*Hakuda Master- Shortly after joining Squad Eleven, Kuramori took on the task of perfecting her Hakuda. She mainly wanted the training in order to push herself farther and become stronger; it was pretty much an added bonus to learn how to effectively fight hand-to-hand. Despite easily being able to match Captain-rank Soul Reapers in one-on-one bouts, she prefers using Collapse to her bare hands in battle.

*Shunpo Master- Kuramori decided early on that being faster meant more than brute strength. If your foe can't hit you, they can't damage you. She can run from one side of the Seireitei to the other in just a few seconds, but moving that fast for too long tends to leave her drained. Since becoming insane, Kuramori only uses Shunpo to avoid fatal blows from her foes and to inflict a rapid series of strikes with her Zanpaku-to.

*Immense Spiritual Pressure- Kuramori's spiritual pressure became quite apparent when she was very young, and since then it has only increased. Thanks to her self-imposed training, her time at the Soul Reaper Academy, and the various pressures of being in the Combat Division of the Soul Society, Kuramori's spiritual pressure has become so powerful that she could have easily taken Third Seat of her squad. Since losing her sanity and all traces of reason and self-restraint, Kuramori's spiritual pressure has increased even further.

*Enhanced Speed- Even without the use of Shunpo, Kuramori is extremely fast. She usually relies on her natural speed to get from place to place, as it takes much less energy than Shunpo does. When she was a member of Squad Eleven, Kuramori used to have races with Yachiru in order to push herself to becoming faster, as well as to keep the young Lieutenant occupied when she wasn't hanging around Kenpachi.

*Enhanced Agility- On top of being fast, Kuramori is astoundingly agile. She uses this agility, combined with her speed, to fight from the shadows when she wishes to taunt and torment her foes. She can appear to melt into the darkness, reappearing from any direction only long enough to attack for a few seconds before withdrawing back into the shadows. When stalking around her victim, Kuramori tends to sing extremely graphic and disturbing songs to unnerve her opponent between attacks.

*Enhanced Durability- Kuramori wasn't the most durable of Soul Reapers back when she was a member of Squad Eleven, relying her speed to keep her from being injured. Ever since losing her mind, though, Kuramori can take several powerful hits and simply not give a damn. She ignores pain and injuries, even life-threatening ones, instead putting all her focus into tearing down her foes. Because of this, she can take more damage than she would have in the past. The only time she really pays attention to her wounds is if they somehow keep her from fighting, such as both legs being broken.
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