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Default Re: Battling Center Feedback: Now with new thought! =9

Originally Posted by Mr420
*Rules Suggestion #2: you really want me to impose yet another distraction to my clan members from their already hard enough training. I DONT WANT TO SOUND LIKE A **ck but if the members of what ever clan and already doing so (multi platform pkmn) then they would or are already battling by those means.
my clan stands alone here in that we're all wifi and it for a better description feels like we're the legit humans in Zion from the matrix movies.
what im really trying to say is you're not going to try and disband my clan for choosing to play the original and intended way to play competitive battling will you?
MOREOVER what you plan to change it so that a legit Clan War consist of one battle per platform.. thats just a way for you to MONOPOLIZE so your dominating things(from my POV)
I'm sorry, I wasn't aware that your clan only did Wifi. I'd just like to point out, however, that members without Wifi will never be able to go to war with you if this is the case. Shouldn't we encourage diversity rather than hinder it?

And I in know way am planning to monopolize anything. I only put these rules up as a suggestion for people to have a read and have an opinion on, and only go along with it if the majority of members agreed. I don't plan to enforce any rules soon, nor do I have the power to do so. xD

Originally Posted by Mr420
*Rule Suggestion #3: this is just as controversial as the jfk assasination or Area 51...
I'll admit, I laughed. :3

Originally Posted by Mr420
Scuba did it before once when my clan was out and about and look where the battle centre is now.. from my stand point it went from 20 or 19 to 15 with the very intensions you're likely trying to impose.
the point is evident cutting up the clans yet again later in the year is an attempt to have complete and utter controll of the forums.
If I'm honest, and I'm not trying to be rude here, but you're making it sound like I suggested these rules just to benefit me and me alone. That is not my intention. My intention is exactly what it says on the tin; improve activity in the battling center. I don't want complete and utter control of anything, I just wish to see a few more wars going on around here.

Originally Posted by Mr420
if more clans you seek why not just break off from the #1 clan you're in and start a clan on your own.
I may just try that. I somewhat feel like your trying to have a jab at the LMS, but regardless.

Originally Posted by Mr420
we all know DSL has his clan undercontrol and maybe someone with your newly appointed status can gather a new clan amoung us, and keep it active. (no disrespect to anyone)
Just throwing it out there that I have no more powers than any other ordinary member. I just get a colourful name title and the ability to add content to the site. That's it.

Originally Posted by Mr420
*Rule Suggestion #4: kicked from what pe2k for ?.? studying daily for school, doing the karate or Kung Jistu.? my point here is I know your intent is to keep people doing thing here in pe2k but how does that work if you plan to KICK THEM ... when families go on vaca's maybe what if I get arrested on a fun weekend.. my GF dont know my passcodes to tell people..
Ah! I forgot to elaborate, I guess. What I meant to say was 'If you go inactive without warning'. I understand that things do happen from time to time, such as going on vacation. Perhaps a little warning?

Okay, fair enough. This attempt at gathering feedback isn't working.

I'll make this simple. What changes do you want to see to the battling center, if any? What could we do to improve the battling center? So far I've heard very few ideas, and that's what is needed to get this going.