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Default Re: Manifest Destiny =A(nother) Bleach RP=

Double-post, away!


Name: Kilara Zinnir (often goes by Kil)

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Race: Human Deliverer

Description: Clickeh!
Kilara is 5’6” tall and weighs 120 pounds, slender and subtly muscular. Her blond hair hangs down a bit past her knees, and her eyes are a pale jade flecked with violet specks near the pupil. She wears a sort of “dress” that ends a few inches above her knees, with sleeves that aren’t attached to the main outfit. She wears knee-high white boots, and a silver choker encircles her neck. Hanging from the chain is a blue pendant with an inverted silver triangle attached to the bottom, and strange silver earrings decorate her ears.

While it’s not quite the optimal clothing for fighting in, it allows for ease and range of movement. For colder weather, Kilara dons thick white pants and a heavy black coat designed specifically for warmth.

Not pictured are a bluish-white hip-pack and Kilara’s preferred weapon, a long sword. The hip-pack carries Kilara’s money, several maps, and basic first-aid supplies. Kilara’s long sword looks more like a katana and is completely black. Kilara wears its sheath belted around her waist, with the sheath itself resting against her left hip.

Personality: Kilara is friendly and kind-hearted, and she likes to talk and tell tales. She hates senseless violence, which is why she gladly accepted the position of Deliverer when it was offered to her. In this way she was able to help prevent the Manifestations from breaking into her Outworld and slaying anyone they could get a hold of. Despite not being a fan of violence, however, she knows there are times when one has to fight to uphold one’s beliefs and defend one’s values and loved ones.

Kilara much prefers words to fighting. If a conflict can be resolved peacefully, she’ll do her best to see to it that things are settled with as little bloodshed as possible. Many people take this to mean she’s timid or weak; many a foe have learned the hard way that Kilara is a fierce opponent who is very skilled in wielding the sword she carries.

Kilara is the kind of person who would rather give someone the benefit of the doubt and as such tends to be too trusting. She’s been lucky so far, as no one has betrayed her beyond a minor broken promise or some such thing, but those who are close to her worry that her trusting nature may one day hurt her badly.

Kilara also has loyalty issues. She’s not lacking in that aspect; indeed, she has far too much of it. She’ll risk life and limb to protect someone she’s only known for a few minutes and oftentimes goes out of her way to help complete strangers, without expecting compensation. Those she knows well or cares for deeply tend to fret over her fiercely protective nature. Enemies learn quickly that injuring or kidnapping a friend or loved one of Kilara is both the best and worst way to get to her. On the one hand, nothing will stop her from finding the one responsible short of being physically restrained in some manner; on the other hand, when she finally finds the one responsible, she tends to be so enraged that she makes an army of rabid bears look like fuzzy cuddly rabbits. Ironically enough, she gets mad at those she loves when they put themselves in danger to help or save her.

Kilara, unlike most other Deliverers, doesn’t feel it’s right to keep the inhabitants of her Outworld ignorant about what’s going on. She feels that everyone should be warned of what’s happening so her fellow humans at least understand the things going on around them. That being the case, she tends to explain what’s happening to those she saves, hoping that the information will be of use to them in the future. This makes many Deliverers view her with some amount of disdain; some go as far as to brand her a traitor and declare that she be imprisoned for her actions. Kilara ignores them all, knowing that until the current situation is dealt with, no such actions can be taken against her.

Kilara definitely prefers being with other people as opposed to being by herself. When that’s not an option, she usually summons a Knight for companionship.

History: Kilara was born in Karakura Town to parents who were both spiritually aware. Before her conception, her parents actually used to go out and help Soul Reapers against various Hollows, but once Kilara was born, the two felt it would be irresponsible to risk their daughter becoming an orphan and gave up the practice.

Even before her first birthday, her parents could sense a trickle of spiritual pressure in their daughter. Whether inherited from her parents or simply her own was impossible to tell, but her mother wanted to ensure that their daughter never realized her powers. She was worried her daughter would want to go off and fight Hollows like her parents had done, and though he didn’t quite agree with the choice, Kilara’s father agreed to hide it from her.

As she grew older, Kilara’s spiritual pressure grew in strength. By the time she was in preschool she was able to see spirits and Hollows clearly, though she was too young to understand it. Those around her assumed she was talking about imaginary friends when the little girl mentioned spirits to others, but as she grew older and started describing what some of them looked like, her teachers started to worry about her. After all, what child has a bloody middle-aged man with his head half-torn off as an imaginary friend?

Eventually, Kilara was withdrawn from public schools. People kept telling her parents they should get her evaluated by a psychiatrist, as something was clearly wrong with her. By this time Kilara was ten and understandably very upset that no one ever seemed to believe her. Her father convincer her mother it was time to tell their daughter the truth or risk her ending up mentally damaged from her encounters with the dead. And so, for the first time in ten years, Kilara’s parents told her about their past and explained what was going on with her. After it was said and done, Kilara surprised her parents by not being angry that they tried to keep everything a secret from her. She was annoyed a bit, yes, but other than that, she was just relieved to finally have some answers.

Kilara’s spiritual pressure soon surpassed that of both her parents, and as a result, when Hollows emerged into the World of the Living, Kilara was sometimes their target. Because they were worried for her safety, her parents decided it was necessary for her to learn how to fight. She received training from her parents, as well as from Soul Reaper friends. She was trained in the way of Hakuda, the Soul Reaper method of fighting unarmed, and was also trained in how to wield a sword. Eventually she became proficient in both manners of fighting, and by the time she was fifteen, she was out helping destroy stray Hollows.

Then one night, a Manifestation broke free from Manifest. Kilara was the first to become aware of its presence, though she was confused at first. It felt nothing like a Hollow, and when she tracked it down, it looked nothing like a Hollow, either. It resembled a man bent over, with arms sticking out along his back and faces scattered all over his body. His skin was a strange blue-purple color and seemed covered with scales. His face was bare, nothing more than smooth skin, and he had no hair. Kilara had never seen anything like it and though she was scared at first, she was forced to fight the thing when it became aware that she was near.

But the strange beast was unlike anything she’d ever faced in the past. It easily dodged her attacks and kept doing the most bizarre things. It could create shields to deflect her attacks or make powerful bursts of air that blew her away. Sometimes it made streams of blue fire, and at other times it encased itself in an orb of stone. Every attack she tried was either avoided or turned away, and it seemed the creature had no end to its tricks.

Then another strange beast appeared, this one looking like a black saber-tooth cat with red markings. It attacked the thing Kilara had been fighting and dispatched it was surprising ease. When it turned to her, Kilara at first thought it was going to come after her, but instead it told her she fought well for someone who didn’t understand how the Manifestations battled. When it asked her if she’d like to be able to fight them properly and help defend against them, Kilara accepted immediately.

The strange beast, a creature called a Knight and who went by the name of Dioji, swiped a paw at Kilara and tore deep gouges into both her arms. The wounds didn’t hurt, though, and indeed they seemed to almost tickle. They healed quickly, and as they closed, Dioji explained that he had bound their souls together. In this manner, Kilara could siphon Manifest energy from him and use it the same way Manifestations and Knights did. She was forbidden from telling her parents of this, though; the knowledge of Manifest’s existence was strictly limited to Deliverers. Her parents wouldn’t sense anything different about her, which would help prevent them from knowing their daughter had changed.

Kilara’s Deliverer training was the hardest thing she’d had to endure. For hours every day, Dioji would make her come to Manifest, where she would learn the various ways to properly control Mani, the energy of Manifest. She was also subjected to the world’s natural level of Mani; while something that didn’t bother Knights and Manifestations, it put a terrible strain on Kilara, who wasn’t used to it in the least. For the first few months of her training, Kilara always went home feeling drained and weak, her muscles sore from her training. Her parents noticed this and misunderstood it, thinking she was out fighting Hollows that were too strong for her. They constantly badgered their daughter, who simply told them she would be fine and they shouldn’t worry.

This went on for nearly five years. After the first year, Kilara had grown accustomed to Manifest’s bizarre lack of reality and its Mani, but her training took much, much longer. Mani was difficult for those not born into it to control, and even though she felt it was taking far too long, Dioji constantly assured her that she was making more progress in less time than most other Deliverers he’d trained. He told her that her previous training and her years spent fighting Hollows were partly why she was learning her Deliverer powers so quickly, and said that her immense spiritual pressure helped things along as well. Even so, by the time Dioji finally declared her training complete, Kilara was more relived that she’d been in a long time.

After that day, Kilara’s life was pretty much spent either fighting Hollows, fighting Manifestations, or doing things with her parents. She felt bad that she had to hide her duty as a Deliverer, feeling she was lying to her mother and father, but Dioji’s warning that they’d want to get involved in fight they couldn’t win prevented her from telling them the truth. So she kept it a secret, even though she didn’t like it. Then the day came when she sensed Mani suddenly spilling into the World of the Living.

Instantly, she and her parents sensed the warping of a Senkaimon near the outskirts of town. Only Kilara, being a Deliverer, felt the Mani that was causing the Senkaimon to twist, and only she felt it when that Mani started trickling into the World of the Living. She rushed off to see what was happening, closely followed by her parents. When they came to the Senkaimon, weaker Manifestations were already emerging from it. Kilara had no choice but to fight them off, and despite her anxiety, it was now her turn to reveal a truth she’d kept hidden. She told her parents about Manifest and everything else, and though her parents were unhappy with the whole thing, they accepted everything with relative grace.

It was only a few hours later when Dioji arrived, explaining to Kilara what was going on and telling her the other Deliverers were being informed at that moment. Not even a day later, a group of Soul Reapers who knew Kilara and her parents came to tell them the same thing, but Kilara told them they already knew the details. All three were asked to become Substitute Soul Reapers to help with the rising number of Manifestations breaking from Manifest, as well as the sudden increase of Hollows, and Kilara’s parents accepted. Kilara herself refused, having no idea what would happen if a Deliverer should also become a Soul Reaper.

A month has since passed, and the situation in the World of the Living and the Soul Society has only gotten worse. Hollows have been appearing more frequently, knowing the Soul Reapers are constantly having to fight against Manifestations. Residents of both the World of the Living and the Soul Society have been turning into Manifestations, adding further turmoil to the issue. Kilara has been doing her best in the past weeks, but recently both her parents have become Manifestations, and although they both retained their minds and continue fighting against the hordes assaulting their Outworld, their transformation has left Kilara shaken.

Weapons: Mani, long sword (not pictured)

Additional Info: Kilara’s bond with Dioji means she can summon him at will. He normally goes back and forth between the World of the Living and the Soul Society, giving his aid where it’s most needed, but will come to Kilara the moment she calls him.


Name: Dioji

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race: Knight

Description: Clickeh!
This Knight is named Dioji. He is a massive saber-toothed cat with fur as black as complete darkness, broken up by red stripes on his upper body and face. He stands about eight feet tall at the shoulders and weighs about four-hundred pounds. His top canines are roughly six or seven inches long, giving him a fierce appearance. He has a red mane and a red tuft at the end of his tail; his wrists are wrapped in what appears to be cloth, but is actually bone. His piercing yellow eyes have a constant glow.

Personality: Dioji, despite his fearsome appearance, is actually quite mild-mannered most of the time. He can be surprisingly lazy, loafing about when there isn’t someone or thing to be fought. He is fiercely protective of Kilara, though, and his normally laid-back demeanor becomes a savage one that can scare those who don’t know him. When not protecting his Deliverer, Dioji likes to talk and play the occasional prank, though currently he hasn’t had much time for such things. Out of all the Deliverers he knows, Kilara is probably his favorite.


Dioji is an NPC, just doing this so people know what he looks like and how he acts and stuff. Hmmmm, maybe I'll bring Kuramori into this >:D...
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