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Default Re: Election Day 2010

Originally Posted by Dark Lord View Post
Actually, it has affected me. My grandparents can no longer afford presciptions like they could before this bill passed, and its all the democrats fault.
Common tactic to just blame whoever's in power when it's convenient to do so. Secondarily, you missed entirely on whether or not confounding occurs. First, you don't know what prescriptions your grandparents actually have and what plans they are under. You also have no idea on what insurance they have and what changes were there. As far as I know, the only changes that occurred due to the bill passing is that medicare costs less for the elderly, and that insurance companies couldn't change their deductibles. A lot of possible explanations can occur for your parents, including but not limiting to: increased prescription costs (inflation), increased number of prescriptions, changes in prescriptions, changes in how prescriptions are handled, changes in your grandparents' income, etc. Literally a million things can be traced that have nothing to do with the bill itself (except for drug companies attempting to cash in as usual), and none of it is the Democrats' fault.

Even under the circumstance that it IS the bill that's the problem, you still have to understand that the people who were messing the bill and changed it into that monstrosity is none other than the Republicans. Yes, if you HAVE to blame someone, blame YOUR OWN PARTY.

Look, I'm not saying you deserve it. Nor am I saying that your grandparents are not having prescription problems. All I'm saying is that randomly pointing fingers at someone is stupid. Think for yourself, but more importantly, think.

Finally, I find it interesting that despite me proclaiming neutrality by the sheer fact that I'm criticizing both parties, you still manage to call me a liberal. I understand that you're probably some 10 year old kid who can't think, let alone think abstractly, but you have to understand that some of us here are like 20 and can actually think abstractly. Our opinions are worth at least as much as your parents' opinions are. Also, I'd like for your parents to watch a PBS documentary called "Critical Condition", which documents why the system needed to change in the first place.

Originally Posted by Larvinator View Post
I have nothing to add, but you sound exactly like a political ad or the opening to a scary documentary. No relevance, I just thought it was pretty funny, especially read aloud in a dramatic voice.

Oh, wait, I do have something to add: hyperbole is bad. No single bill ruins a country, certainly not a health care reform bill.
Top: that's cuz that's exactly what the poor kid's been fed probably for the last 10 years of his 10 years worth of lifetime.

Bottom: Well none that can get past the senate anyway.

Originally Posted by Larvinator View Post
I agree completely, though I honestly don't believe there's a huge problem. Economies, especially less regulated ones like the economy of the US, go through booms and recessions. That's just how the system works, s'far as I know.
No, the bubble was going to pop anyway. This is different from the ordinary boom/bust cycle in businesses in it that it's a strong inflation in money followed by a strong downward depression. Basically, it's a much larger increase in amplitude of the cycle. The Rich, however, cashed in on both the inflation and the recession for the most part.

Originally Posted by Larvinator View Post
Yeah, that's pretty distressing. :/ Like I said, it seems to me that's more the younger voters not caring and the conservative voters getting all freaked out and presumably voting in droves. If Palin ever has a serious shot at being President, I would hope the people who didn't vote this time around would be motivated enough by the terrifying prospect of her winning to go out and vote for another guy.
Her opponents are Obama and Nader if she does run in 2012. Given it's Palin, we'll probably see a strong increase in Nader votage and Obama's strongest chance at being a 2-term president. Despite being the strongest chance, it is possible that voter apathy may come back to bite Obama in the butt.

Originally Posted by Larvinator View Post
Minority governments? Do you mean parties? If so, at least your minority parties have a voice; every party that's not elephant- or donkey-related here is pretty much incapable of influencing politics. It's a shame, really. Why can't the Neo-Nazi party get a chance? :(
A minority government is a government to which the leading party does not hold a majority of the number of seats. This is obviously different from the US system, since US is a 2-party system. Our Prime Minster right now can't pass a bill without essentially kissing another party's butt...or in his case, bully another party into voting for him. We basically have 4 parties with any say, and 1 party that has at least some recognition: Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, Bloc Quebecois, and Green. Our last voter turnout was 28% (lowest in Canadian history), with Green being the big winner, if we define winner by having increased number of votes, as all other parties had a sharp decrease in the number of votes. Oh, nothing changed in the last election since the number of seats that actually changed hands numbered in the single digits.

It was so dumb that Rick Mercer (kinda like our own Colbert) made a short flick about how we keep getting Tory minorities.

Originally Posted by Larvinator View Post
Wait, doesn't the legislation outlaw denying people based on pre-existing conditions, or have the health insurance companies already found a loophole out of that? I'd call that a rather significant step forward, even if it's nowhere near universal health care.
Not yet. Secondarily, what Lord K said. Secondarily, this 4-year grace period means that these companies will be fighting tooth and nail in the 2012 election for a Republican victory, so they can return to status quo. I can make this guarantee at least. In essence, 2012 will be a key election for the future of America. An Obama victory there would mean change for the better can occur (and perhaps Obama wouldn't be a pansy the next time around). A republican victory with any party leader would spell a return to 2008 status quo.

Originally Posted by Larvinator View Post
Oh, and I personally support the idea of government-run health care or, as Kenny said, non-profit organization health care. There are some things where good ol' supply-and-demand capitalism is just a really, really bad idea.
That's because we view health care as a right. Some, like Dark Lord's parents and most of the top 2% of America, view it not as a right. It's unfortunate, since not everyone's working for Microsoft or Google, who can throw away a million dollars so an employee's premature baby can live.
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