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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Ronoh -Routaikakami=
World of the Living ; Karakura Town

I barely noticed when Urahara arrived, too shaken by Shintoko's sudden appearance to pay much attention to my surroundings. Only his last question registered, and I nodded weakly as Uryu let loose a massive arrow. He had burns from the severity of the attack; apparently, Shintoko's Spirit Fire had been overwhelming for him even though I'd deflected most of it with my own body.

"I'm fine...fine..." I said softly in response to Urahara's inquiry. "But even now...after all this time, even now...I am as helpless against him as I was before...a child, a newborn compared to him!" For a moment I felt anger rage through me, anger at my own weakness. It quickly faded, though; with age came power, and Shintoko was much, much older than I was. The encounter could not have ended any other way, but even as the anger drained from me, I couldn't help but feel like a pitiful weakling.

And I was just a child, after all. The youngest of the Routaikakamigami; even most of the lesser Routaikakamigami were stronger than I to some degree. Only the weakest, most minor of my brethren ranked beneath me in terms of strength. I may have been more powerful than most any creature in all the worlds, but among my own kind I was still just a babe.

Despite that, I had to do everything I could to protect not only the humans, but all my allies. I might be weaker than just about all other Routaikakamigami, but I was more than capable of fighting the Hollows and other beasts that preyed upon my charges. And in doing so, I could help protect the balance between the Soul Society and the World of the Living. I may be no use in fights with my kin, but I refused to let that wear on me and tear down my resolve. My duty, my purpose, made me useful, and that alone was enough.

Soyana, like Urahara, asked if Uryu and I were all right, and I assured her we were fine. I think focused on the direction Shintoko had gone. He wasn't interested in killing humans or destroying property. He was only here because of the Fell Stones, and so long as no one or thing got in his way, they'd be safe. Still, we couldn't leave him to do as he pleased. While hy might not actively go out of his way to harm the general populace, his rampant Spirit Fire would cause any Hollows not destroyed by it to mutate rapidly, and they would surely cause as much damage as they could. He would only get stronger from it, after all; being the Prevailer of Chaos meant being in the midst of madness only granted him more strength. In all honesty I was surprised he wasn't trying to spare more Hollows, since more Hollows meant more carnage. Most likely he simply didn't care; Shintoko wasn't one to bother with the trivial.

"Which is why he ignored us," I muttered to myself. "We mean less to him than the ground he walks on. We pose no threat, have nothing he desires. To him, we are nothing." But there were others, many others, and certainly Shintoko wasn't so arrogant to think he could defeat us all if we pooled our strength together and came at him at once? Separately we may not br a threat, but together we could destroy him. Surely he knew that? I knew the Prevailer of Chaos was keenly intelligent, so there was no way he couldn't have thought about this possibility. Which could only mean he had thought about it, but considered himself too powerful to find even combined forces threatening.

As much as I hated it, there was really nothing we could do about Shintoko, not for now, at least. Even though pretty much all the Hollows in our vicinity had been wiped out, hundreds, perhaps thousands, remained scattered around Karakura Town. We needed to find and destroy them before too many were made into Mutated Hollows. I doubted Uryu would be in a condition to keep fighting at the pace he'd been, though. If he pushed himself too hard it would only incapacitate him in the long run, and I refused to let him do such a thing. Not only because we needed him in the coming battles, but because I wouldn't stand by and watch an ally needlessly hurt themselves.

"There are still many Hollows," I said after a moment. "They must be dealt with before Shintoko's raging Spirit Fire Mutates them. Uryu, I think perhaps you should rest a bit. Your injuries need to be tended to before you continue fighting. Urahara, please make sure Uryu gets the treatment he needs before engaging in any further battles. I will go ahead and do what I can to break apart the thicker groups of Hollows. Shintoko's presence may slay a good portion of this invasion, but the ones that are strong enough to resist his Spirit Fire must be dealt with as quickly as possible."

As I was getting ready to leave, Septem’s voice filled my mind. I paused as I listened to him, then twisted my head around to face in the direction Shintoko had gone.

I don’t think he cares about us right now, I replied. Something else that’s more important to him has his attention at the moment. Most likely he’s on the trail of one of the Fell Stones. As much as I hate saying it, though, there’s nothing we can do about him for now. He had to have noticed all of us, yet he didn’t care in the least. The idea of a combined attack from all of us doesn’t faze him, it seems. And Shintoko is not one to underestimate his enemies, nor does he think himself stronger than he is. IF he feels we are not a threat then, for the time being, we are not a threat. For now, we must deal with the Hollows his Spirit Fire was not strong enough to slay. They’ll be mutating, if they haven’t already. I’m going now to do what I can. We must finish off this army before it has a chance to regroup.

I then nodded at Uryu and Urahara, flicking my wrists and shedding a single feather from each. These hovered in the air, each one almost as long as the Quincy and Soul Reaper.

“Take these,” I told them. “You can use them as shields or weapons. Be careful not to grab them along the edges, as they’re very sharp. You can control them by your will; just touch it and it will align with your spiritual pressure. They should be strong enough to protect you from a Cero from even a newly-Mutated Hollow. They’ll withstand several, but when they start to crack you must be careful, for they will not last much longer. Be careful, friends.” Then I turned from them and flew off, heading towards the largest group of Hollows.


Shintoko =Routaikakami=
World of the Living ; En Route to Darraruka City

Shintoko seemed to ignore Trenia entirely, not even acknowledging her when she spoke to him. But after a second the deity came to a stop, cocking his head but not looking back at his fellow Routaikakami. He chuckled, a soft, eerie noise, and folded his arms over his chest. His two back legs tapped against the ground, the two wicked claws at the ends of both clicking against the pavement of the street beneath him.

“Silly girl,” he said after a moment. “You know exactly why I’m here. I’m hunting for what rightfully belongs to me.” He then glanced back over a shoulder, his mouth stretched impossibly wide in a sinister grin. “How frustrating is it, sister, to have that kind of power and yet be unable to use it? Even though you’re technically one of the strongest of our kind, you have to skulk around like a pitiful weakling. It must truly be annoying, not being able to be of any use to your friends.” The Prevailer of Chaos chuckled again, then shrugged and turned from Trenia. “You know, it does get rather lonely, though. Perhaps you should tag along. That way you can see the deaths of those between me and what I seek firsthand. Wouldn’t it more entertaining to watch something in person than to simply know it might happen?”

Without waiting for a response, Shintoko started off again. All around him, the Hollows that had invaded Karakura Town were literally burning away, unable to withstand the force of his Spirit Fire. Some of the stronger ones writhed in agony, but their bodies absorbed the power around them and warped them, changing them into Mutated Hollows within seconds. Most of these lucky Hollows were smart enough to get as far away from Shintoko as quickly as they could, but a few were too greedy for their own good. The ones that tried to attack him were quickly disposed of, slain by a leg casually thrust through their skulls.

He had heard that the Icicle Stone was somewhere in the vicinity of Karakura Town, but that it was under heavy guard by the Holders. The best part was the fools were completely unaware of what they were protecting. Apparently, the Holders had been told they were actually preventing a dangerous bio-weapon of some kind from breaking out and adding to the already insane amount of havoc going on. They had absolutely no idea of what truly lie in the room they so diligently guarded.

Unfortunately, this group had items that hid their spiritual energy entirely. Shintoko would have to find them the old fashioned way, and that was by manual hunting. There were three large cities and a handful of smaller villages and towns around Karakura; the Stone could be in any of them. Since any place would be as good a place to start as the others, Shintoko headed towards the city closest to Karakura, which was Darrauka City to the north.

The rain tapered off as he left Karakura Town, which meant more people were out. When they saw the ten-foot-tall frame of Shintoko coming towards them, most simply stared at him in dumbstruck fear. Well, and they couldn’t exactly move, could they? Even though none of them had a shred of spiritual pressure, his Spirit Fire had them rooted to the spot. They might not feel the searing strength of it, but they completely immobilized all the same. Some of the weaker ones actually died on the spot, their hearts unable to take the strain. Cars screeched and slid to a stop when he drew near them, and many careened into others. Several went rolling across the pavement, and a few even exploded when leaking gas reached fires from previous crashes.

Ah, the joys of chaos.

Shintoko laughed, enjoying the carnage as he ambled along. Despite the fact that he was keen to find the Icicle Stone, he wasn’t about to go rushing off and cheat himself out of a bit of amusement. Not only that, even this small bit of chaos would only add to his strength.

“On and on,” the Routaikakami said in a sing-song voice as death reigned around him.
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