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Default Re: Election Day 2010

Originally Posted by Larvinator View Post
Minority governments? Do you mean parties? If so, at least your minority parties have a voice; every party that's not elephant- or donkey-related here is pretty much incapable of influencing politics. It's a shame, really. Why can't the Neo-Nazi party get a chance? :(
I don't know about the Neo-Nazis, but I as an Independent would like a voice. Not that I'll ever get one, what with being essentially forced to choose between two candidates I get absolutely no say in or else be wasting my vote.

Wait, doesn't the legislation outlaw denying people based on pre-existing conditions, or have the health insurance companies already found a loophole out of that? I'd call that a rather significant step forward, even if it's nowhere near universal health care.
I'll clarify that point, the health care bill has done nothing for now except ban denying children based on pre-existing conditions. The health care companies have a four year grace period to make the reforms before the mandates kick in (so 2014). So really, the law has yet to have any actual effect, since of course the insurance companies are devoting their attention towards ways around the law rather than adjusting to comply.
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