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Default Pokemon: Field of Dreams- The actual RP

Story (for those who don't know): you are a regular person living in the human world. You follow a strange person one day. He leads you into an alleyway. You follow him until you emerge into a strange meadow. The meadow is the Field of Dreams. You wander for an hour and then try to turn back, but you don't have control of you're body. There's a flash of light, and you find yourself at the outskirts of Celadon City, as a Pokemon, in the Pokemon world. Then your goal is to A: become a human again, and B: get back home.

Sign Ups

name: Sophia
Pokemon: shiny eevee
look: faded light blue dress, 5" exactly, hazel eyes, golden blond long hair
personality: can make friends with anyone and she's clueless
gender: female
age: 15
charm: amber teardrop

name: Kevin
Pokemon (first stage only): Tropius
look (human form): T-shirt with a grey jacket. short dirty blond hair and jeans.
personality: friendly, but if you tick him off, he snaps
gender: male
age: 10
charm: jade seed


Name: Detrius
Pokemon: Growlith

Look: Red hair, Peach-colored, very freckly, and with a short striped button shirt-orange and black. Generally, it's a few buttons down, so his light-orange chest hair shows. He wears shorts.
Personality: He's a bit of a hero, with a loyal demeanor torwards the law. his life before he changed into a Growlith was stressful, so he may not care about leaving or turning back into a human. He will help anybody who does want to leave and turn back, however.
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Charm: Pyro Shard.


Name: Apei
Pokemon: Aipom
Look: Pei has long purple hair that is shoulder length, with a peak at the top. She is wearing an orange sweater and purple slacks. She is about 5' 5"
Personality: Apei is an odd one. more times than not she sees the world upside down, literally, but she is knowledgeable. Always, always, Apei will have a hardened berry with her. It is inedible, almost like her spirit, hence why she is a tough person but soft at times, when she needs to.
Gender: Female
Age: About 16
Charm: Luck Charm

Name: Bunei
Pokemon: Buneary
Look: Bunei is small, just a measly 5 feet even, wearing long slacks with fluff at the cuffs, brown, and a brown long sleeve shirt with fluff at the end as well. She has brown shoes which look like they were made for winter wear. Lastly Bunei has her hair long, with two pigtails that come from the side and then tie together in a braid going down with the rest of her hair.
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Charm: GP Charm (Stands for Ground Pound Charm)


Name: Kole
Pokemon (first stage only): Ralts
Look (human form): Kole had a light green hair, with bangs long enough to cover his eyes. He wore white clothes often, and managed to keep them clean all the time.
Personality: Kole is a clean, calm person. He was often bullied at school for being a "***" which led to him becoming very shy and distrusting towards people.
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Charm: Psycho Charm

Time to start!

Sophia walked down the street heading home from school. Her blond hair being blown by the wind. She was suddenly pushed aside by a boy with no shoes. "huh?"
she says. She didn't notice her necklace emitting a glow. "That's weird..." she mutters. I should chase after him, she thought. She started running. Despite her looks, she could run pretty fast. She wasn't even phased by the fact that the boy made a sudden turn into an alleyway.

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