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Default Re: Fallout: Black Awakening [SU]

Name: Paladin Kenneth “Haymaker” Ulysses
Age: 34
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Appearance: Standing 6’8”, weighing 260 pounds, Paladin Ulysses is a muscular beast of a man, having been training in body building and heavy weapons handling for several years. He has short, brown hair, brown eyes, and plenty of scars and tattoos.

Paladin Ulysses usually never takes off his Power Armor, never truly knowing when he’ll need it. Regardless, he feels wearing it shows authority, which is really the core reason as to why he wears it all the time. In the meantime, Paladin Ulysses’s main core strengths are his physical brawn, endurance, and his heavy weapons handling skills. He may be slow, but he’ll crush anyone like a paper cup if he needs to.

Faction: Brotherhood of Steel
Weapons: Main weapons are an Avenger Minigun, his “back up” Missile Launcher, and a Super Sledge for melee combat. He’s capable of using just about any other normal firearm, but he doesn’t like energy weapons very much and he flounders a bit when using them. If his Super Sledge is unavailable, he’s renown of turning just about anything into a weapon, be it a brick, a metal pole, or whatever.

Personality: In a sense, Paladin Ulysses is like an angry animal when cornered. He doesn’t fear pain, doesn’t fear death, and definitely knows how to carry a grudge and seek revenge. He’s been shot plenty of times by raiders, all it does now is just result in a wince and a snarl. He is also renown for being one of the few Paladins of the Brotherhood to have gotten up close to a Deathclaw and snapped its neck, coming somewhat close to twisting its head off completely.

In essence, Paladin Ulysses is generally seen as a very outgoing member of the Brotherhood. He also doesn’t want to become a General knowing he much rather prefers the action of battle instead of making commands from a distance.

He doesn’t, however, do very well when it comes to training and preparing Brotherhood Initiates. He generally expects too much out of them, even for a military drill instructor.

History: Kenneth Ulysses was originally born among the people of Rivet City. Most of his education was self-instructed, but generally, he didn’t have much of a patience for learning about things that really didn’t apply or wouldn’t be very helpful when it came to making a real, immediate difference.

He originally had gotten into the caravan business before raiders had ambushed his caravan, and killed every last member of it except for him and another guard named James. The Brotherhood of Steel managed to save them, but because James was injured, they offered to help heal his wounds. Naturally, Kenneth followed. While the doctors had tried to save him, he had lost too much blood.

Knowing he didn’t have much of a livelihood now, Kenneth requested if he could join the Brotherhood, and he was willing to do anything they demanded. He was later brought on as an Initiate, and while it took some time for him to be considered on a mission, he did exceptionally well when he was finally given the chance. However, his squad leader, Knight Barclay, did mention that he seemed to take on an almost savage personality when dealing with raiders and the abominations of the wasteland.

After many mission successes, Kenneth was promoted to the rank of Knight, and was required to show how well he could train newly admitted Initiates into the Brotherhood’s ranks. Kenneth, however, went pretty hard on them, expecting hard physical fitness from near-civilians that just weren’t capable of it yet. Regardless, after several other mission successes, he was considered to be promoted to Paladin by the Elders, even though his methods of command were considered to be “very authoritative.”

Now, most of Paladin Ulysses’s actions and missions have been based on targeting the Enclave, as well as removing the remainder of the Remnants of the Master’s Army. But in truth, Paladin Ulysses actually enjoys fighting Super Mutants most of all. He’s been waiting for the moment when he can get into a nice fistfight with one of them, but it never usually gets to that point.

Unique abilities: While Paladin Ulysses has used guns for a long time and knows how to use especially heavy weapons with great skill, he also knows enough about them to repair them and even rebuild weapons from usable parts.

Other: N/A

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