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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

((Gah, you people are so lazy. I was going to wait and see if my character was accepted, but since DoH hasn't done much I'll just go on ahead.))

Septem, Quinque, and Alex
World of Living; Karakura Town
None, Holders, and Neutral

It seemed that the universe was out to make sure that everything they tried to do would fail, or at least get interrupted. That was the only logical explanation, although Septem didn't come to this until later, when his head had cleared.

When the portal appeared, stretching wide over the town as if the maw of some giant beast was getting ready to devour them, most everyone froze. A massive amount of spiritual pressuare was coming from that portal, enough to freeze the entire Hollow army in its tracks. Septem and Quinque weren't so much trapped by it as shocked, and the fury of their battle was swept away in an instant and was replace by a bone-chilling awe. One of their own was coming a very powerful one. They knew which was was coming, too, they knew his Spirit Fire all too well.

Shintoko, the traitor, was entering the World of the Living.

The Hollows began to scream and thrash, the Spirit Fire so pwerful that it was literally burning them to ashes. Quinque suddenly realized what they meant and quickly grabbed Alex and cupped him protectively in his hands, shielding the both of them by wrapping his six huge wings around himself and encasing them in a protective cocoon of golden fire. Septem gripped his lance tighter in his hand until it began to crack, staring unwaveringly at the portal. His own Spirit Fire was leaking out to counter Shintoko's until it was impossible to tell he has six wings instead of one massive pair, and the gold inscriptions on his armor started to glow as well.

When the arachnid Routaikakami started to emerge, the Spirit Fire came on full force like an avalanche until the air was literally soaked with it. Even those who hadn't a shred of spiritual sensitivity had to feel it. Septem and Quinque were some of the older Routaikakami (and even then they had siblings older than them) and yet they still felt an unease creep upon them. The last time Septem had seen Shintoko, he was with Quinque and they were condemning the traitor to suffer an eternity sealed inside of another dimension. No doubt the Prevailer of Chaoshad come to extract some revenge on the brothers, the same way he did with Souta.

And yet, Shintoko wasn't even looking at them. He seemed preoccupied with something, although he had to have felt their spiritual pressure. "Oh, I seem to be interrupting something," he said in that childish way of his. He hardly seemed to notice the Hollow army around him. "I do apologize. If you’ll excuse me…" he leaped to the ground and skittered off in the way a person with spider legs should have skittered, and even though he was out of sight his Spirit Fire still ran rampant. It took forever for it to fade away.

When it started to become bearable, Quinque slowly unclurled himself and looked at Alex to make sure he was alright. "Um, Septem," he said in a worried voice. "I think there's something wrong with the human."

Septem peered over curiously and even though his helmet covered any resemblence of a face his frown could be easily felt. Alex was sitting cross-legged, bankai forgotten, with his hands fisted in his black hair. He was shaking all over and his eyes were plainly not seeing anything around him. "I don't think it was the Spirit Fire," Septem muttered, reaching over with his giant fingers and gently tilting the human's head yup so he could look him in the eyes. Almost instantly the man's soul was laid out before him, and the memories poured into Septem's head like water filling a cup. "Oh," was all he said as he saw the memory at the forefront of Alex's head.

"What?" Quinque asked, worried for the human's health.

Septem's actions seemed to have calmed Alex somewhat, but he was still shaking. He stodd up but made no move to get his swords. He was so shaken that he forgot to switch to Japanese, although to tell the truth it didn't matter. "The last time I saw that monster," he spat out in perfect German, "was two-hundred and thirty-one years ago." Quinque seemed shocked that Alex already knew Shintoko, but Septem knew the whole story already. "He broke into the headquarters of the Damon-Morder, and he slaughtered almost every single one of us for a small blue stone. All but one of my friends were killed, the rest were torn to pieces before my eyes." He looked at the place where Shintoko had vanished, madness in his eyes.

Quinque instantly grabbed him. "You can't go after him Alex," he said desperately. "He could crush you with a thought." He let some of his power trickle into the human, hopefully balancing the chaos in his head. He wished Quattor was with them, this kind of stuff was exactly his forte. Luckily Alex was still ruled by common sense and didn't move. Quinque looked up at Septem. A small blue stone? He thought, a terrible idea forming in his head.

The Droplet Stone, Septem replied, his voice heavy. Once, a long time ago, the Damon-Morder used it be its keepers.

They would have continued, but Ronoh's terror-filled voice came to them. The poor thing, she was the youngest and closest to Shintoko, she must have had an awful time of it. Yes, we did Ronoh, Septem replied. Why did he leave us alone? Surely he came down here for some sort of revenge.
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