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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Kisuke Urahara =ex-Soul Reaper Captain=
World of the Living; Karakura bridge

"... That's not good..." Urahara observed, Benihime's strong blade easily blocking whatever blows were thrown at it. There was a sudden spike in spirit energy-- And, worse, the sudden spike was mutating everything at an accelerated rate. Before his eyes, the Vasto Lorde he'd been in combat with was changing, turning into something even more monstrous. The scientific part of Urahara's mind was already working out how the mutation came about, and with this little observation, he was fairly sure he could cobble together something to lessen the chance of more powerful mutations. "Sorry to cut this short, but I'm afraid I have some other business to attend to. Bakudo number three, pale lightning," He apologized, pointing the index finger of his free hand at the monstrous Hollow. A bolt of blue electricity blasted a neat hole straight through the creature before its mutations could finish, right through the brain. He didn't bother hanging around to see his handiwork, though; he used a quick series of flash steps to and arrived near where Uryu and Ronoh were just before Shintoko fled. Even from this distance, the spiritual pressure was amazing; it made Aizen look like a child in comparison. He waited until the spiritual presence of the Prevailer of Chaos faded to make sure Uryu and Ronoh were all right.

"So, that's Shintoko. You never mentioned his spiritual pressure was quite that strong before. I'll have to say, you Routaikakami keep pushing bigger and bigger problems into my lap," Urahara said in greeting, flipping out his fan in that way he usually did when he wasn't quite being serious. He grinned. "But hey, you've sure been attracting a fair bit of business, so I guess I don't really mind. You two all right?"

"I'll survive," Uryu said, not looking on the outside to have been adversely affected by the high level of spirit energy around. His body was tuned to take in some spirit energy to power his attacks, but when Shintoko arrived the Quincy had been forced to pour his own spirit energy out and into the Seele Schneider, as well as directly into his bow. As soon as Ronoh released him, Uryu launched a massive arrow straight into the sky, bright enough to briefly light up the whole city. The effort of doing so had left a burn mark on his right arm from the force of firing the arrow. It was either take that burn, or have the spirit energy cause his body to seal itself off from spirit energy all together. It had come closer than he'd have liked. "It looks like he did a lot of our job for us; he killed a lot of the Hollows," And almost robbed me of my race He added mentally, frustrated with himself for still being so much weaker than his opponents. "If that's who we're up against, we're in trouble. I don't think even Ichigo could match that kind of spiritual pressure..."

Trenia =Prevailer of Time=
Karakura town, World of the Living

"So that's it?" Trenia's voice floated as Shintoko passed her position. She'd been standing off to the side of the street waiting. A long distance away from the others, but she was there regardless. "You're just going to run by without even saying hello, Shintoko? That's very rude of you," She teased, giggling a bit. Most Routaikakami were affected to some degree by Shintoko's spirit fire, but Trenia had never shown such. Since no one had ever felt her spirit fire before aside for faint wisps of it from time to time, most suspected it was because of a vast power difference. Whatever it was, it amused Trenia to no end to tease this particular Routaikakami. "Gee, and I thought we were just starting to become friends, too. I wonder where you're off to?" That, of course, was her politely inquiring as to what he was doing. She knew why he was here, of course (All six of the various reasons, actually), but she sometimes found the desire to be polite and ask what they were doing.

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