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Default Re: [forum festival]

Sorry guys. I'm gonna be too inactive to finish this :/ Social life, homework, and Black Ops are the main reasons.

If anyone could take over, I guess that'll be fine?


Round 2 out of 8

Shuppet uses Curse, +3 hearts! Crowd cheers, CL +1! Scarf bonus, +1 heart! Performs last next turn.

Porygon-Z is too nervous to perform, -2 hearts!

Bibarel uses Defense Curl, +2 hearts! Protected once!

Charizard uses Dragon Dance, +1 heart! Scarf bonus, +1 heart! Gains a star!

Typhlosion uses Double Edge, +6 hearts! Crowd cheers CL +1!

Skorupi uses Acupressure, +1 heart! Gains a star!

Swellow uses Double Team, +2 hearts! Oblivious once!

Buizel uses Waterfall, +2 hearts! Crowd cheers, CL +1!

Gengar uses Curse, +3 hearts! Crowd cheers, CL +1! Performs last next turn.

Dragonite uses Fire Punch, +4 hearts! Crowd boos, CL -1!

Mr. Mime is too nervous to perform, -2 hearts!

Ambipom uses Rain Dance, +2 hearts!

Slowbro uses Slack Off, +6 hearts! Crowd boos, CL -1!

Infernape uses Scratch, +4 hearts! Crowd cheers, CL +1!

1st: Typhlosion 70 PTS (+70)
2nd: Slowbro 60 PTS (+6)
3rd: Infernape 50 PTS (+5)
4th: Dragonite 40 PTS (+4) [CS - Fire Punch]
5th: Buizel 30 PTS (+3)
6th: Ambipom 20 PTS (+2) [CS - Rain Dance]
7th: Charizard 20 PTS (+2) [CS - Dragon Dance][*] – COOL SCARF
8th: Bibarel 20 PTS (+2) [CS - Defense Curl]
9th: Swellow 20 PTS (+2)
10th: Skorupi 10 PTS (+1)[*] – BEAUTY SCARF
11th: Mr. Mime 0 PTS (-2)
12th: Porygon-Z 0 PTS (-2)
13th: Gengar 40 PTS (+4) [CS - Curse]
14th: Shuppet 70 PTS (+5) [CS - Curse] - TOUGH SCARF

Crowd Level = 3/8

To decide Rain Dance moves and similar; which rely on crowd meter, I've done a simple formula to decide it. Current CL/1.6 rounded to the nearest whole number. The minimum it can be is one, though. If it relies on position, it is position/3.5 rounded to the nearest whole number. This gives you the place they would be in if it were a normal contest. Points work in the same way. If you don't understand, talk on aim or send a PM.

Next round is Cute, I'll try to do this faster.

PM me if anything is wrong.

2 days to send from this post.

Please can you send in this format, or something similar, to save me time and effort? My OpenOffice is still being stupid and I can't see who is who atm .__. :

(Pokemon) uses (Move)

AIM: Politoed Prince

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