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Default Re: Site Suggestions

Originally Posted by Tokyokit View Post
Also, could you possibly bump the post word limit by a couple hundred? I'm doing this incase my Fanfic chapter one is too long, or at least do it in the Fanfic and Rp bords.
I don't think this is necessary. Many writers just post the next part of the chapter in another post, and that works out just fine.

Originally Posted by Tokyokit View Post
EDIT: And if possible, an age limit (13+) would be nice unless you have been here a while. It's really ticking me off that younguns are taking over, although I basicly am one. I mean the ones that write pointless, and short messages, like for instance possibly someone writing one whole post as 'hi b0b c0m3 2 me h0us 1 n33d t0 tlk t0 u'. I know they can do worse many times, but I suck at txt tlk.
How would one younger than 13 be here a while if they are not allowed to sign up? That and the fact that age generally isn't the problem. I know or have known plenty of 10-12 year olds that are actually incredibly mature and intelligent. Generally the people that post like that don't realise typing such as that is frowned upon, or they aren't very serious about the forum in the first place. And I barely ever see people talk like that. Generally it's just bad grammar, and that's bearable.

Basically, bad idea.

EDIT: Sniper'd by Operative. xD
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