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Default Re: Site Suggestions

I agree with both Gs and Operative. I have to reserve five, because of how many things I used to make. That was, until my computor crashed and I started to suck.

And really, once I had to have two or three posts just to talk about an RP idea that Sakuya and I were making.

Also, could you possibly bump the post word limit by a couple hundred? I'm doing this incase my Fanfic chapter one is too long, or at least do it in the Fanfic and Rp bords.

EDIT: And if possible, an age limit (13+) would be nice unless you have been here a while. It's really ticking me off that younguns are taking over, although I basicly am one. I mean the ones that write pointless, and short messages, like for instance possibly someone writing one whole post as 'hi b0b c0m3 2 me h0us 1 n33d t0 tlk t0 u'. I know they can do worse many times, but I suck at txt tlk.
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