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Default Re: Fallout: Black Awakening [SU]

Reserve me Two BoS characters, an Enclave character, and a neutral character. WILL FINISH LATER.

Render Unto Caesar

Name: Star Paladin Alex Mason
Age: 31
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Appearance: Click
Alex stands at a large height of six foot seven inches, and is clad in his unique black and red Power Armour. Nobody has seen Alex's actual appearance, but it is assumed that he is somewhat rough looking, due to his deep voice, but far from it, his appearance is actually surprisingly young, given his age. His eyes are a crimson red in colour, and his hair is jet black in colour. His skin is tanned a magnificent gold in colour.

Faction: Brotherhood of Steel

Weapons: Power Sledge,A4-22 Plasma Rifle(a more upgraded version of the A3-21),Tesla Cannon,Laser Pistol

Personality: Alex is surprisingly a quite laid back member of the Brotherhood of Steel, though when need be he is a remarkably strict individual. Alex has a large temper, that can be easily broken, and those on the end of his anger will find themselves wishing that they had not angered him. Alex is a truly loyal individual, who would never betray his friends, or allies, ever. Alex despises the Enclave, as he perceives them to be a naive organisation that is out to ruin all that the Brotherhood of Steel has established in this post-apocalyptic time. Alex is a just and honorable figure, who has earnt the respect of his comrades, and is reknowned for not only his combat expertise, but in his leniency regarding his command over his regiment of Paladins, which in turn has allowed him to gain great respect from them, and thus they obey him usually without question.

Alex is a very intelligient individual, who doesn't really discriminate against species, apart from of course the Super Mutants, as he perceives them to be mindless beasts that just cause havoc upon the Brotherhood of Steel and the rest of the barren wasteland that is the remnants of America. Alex is friends with Senior Paladin Adrian Maxson, descendent of the founder of the Brotherhood of Steel, Roger Maxson. Alex has no disliking or personal agenda concerning Ghouls, though he doesn't like them, this does not mean he doesn't treat them like anybody else but he just doesn't like Ghouls as they remind him too much of zombies, something that he really hates.

History: Alex grew up in New Vegas with his father and mother who were Paladins in the Brotherhood of Steel. His childhood was remarkably uneventful and plain until he was around ten, when his father and mother died in a Super Mutant raid on the Brotherhood of Steel facility that his parents were stationed at. Because of this, Alex grew to hate the Super Mutants, and swore that he would avenge his parents' deaths, and he did so by joining the Brotherhood of Steel, and rising quickly through the ranks, gaining massive respect throughout the Brotherhood. Alex was granted command of a commando group of Paladins, of which he led on the attack on the Helios One during their first conflict with the New California Republic. Though the Brotherhood of Steel suffered heavy casualties, surprisingly, Alex's group suffered none whatsoever.

The Helios One facility was successfully obtained, and Alex was given the task of securing the outlying area from the hands of the New California Republic. During the attack on a NCR facility, his group was ambushed, and cut off from the Brotherhood of Steel, and spent three months under siege by the NCR forces before they could get out a distress call. Over half of Alex's group died during the siege, and this severely scarred several of his subordinates in that they were discharged from duty, and sent back to New Vegas to live as civilians under the watchful eye of some Paladins. Alex was then reassigned a new squad, a total of twenty-three more Paladins, making his team stand at a grand total of twenty-five not including himself, as only two of his original forty Paladins remained with him after the siege. A year later, Alex was given five more Paladins, one of them the descendent of the founder of the Brotherhood, Adrian Maxson.

Mason was then tasked with re-obtaining the Helios One, but failed to, as the opposing forces outnumbered them vastly, and he suffered fifteen losses, which were immediately replaced. Alex was then ordered to head to New Vegas, and quell an insurgency of Super Mutants, and succeeded in doing so, resecuring central New Vegas from the hands of the Super Mutants. Alex was finally ordered to head to the East Coast, more commonly referred to as the Capitol Wastelands to support the Capitol Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel, and was shocked to discover that the CWBoS had joined with the NCR, but he didn't really mind.

Unique abilities:
Speedy Reload
Other: N/A

Name: Senior Paladin Adrian Maxson
Age: 23
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Appearance: Clicky
Adrian's Power Armour is not only comparable to Star Paladin Alex Mason's Power Armour in how they both have the same unique model, but they both are the same colours, crimson and black. Adrian's Power Armour is smaller than Alex's by far, since Adrian is a good foot shorter, and also skinnier, than Alex Mason. Adrian stands at a height of five foot seven inches, and his hair is blonde in colour, and his eyes a calm teal. Adrian's skin is golden tan in colour, and his hair is quite short.

Faction: Brotherhood of Steel

Weapons: Minigun,Mk-II Laser Pistol(a modified version of a normal Laser Pistol), A3-21 Plasma Rifle, Mk-II A3-21 Plasma Rifle(a modified version of the original A3-21 model)

Personality: Adrian is a remarkably honest and loyal individual, preferring to get down and dirty rather than hiding at the back. He enjoys the rush of adrenaline that is granted due to the intense battles that he would surely face. Adrian trusts Star Paladin Alex Mason with his life, and Mason trusts Adrian with his life. Adrian is an intelligient person, who has a strong distaste to Ghouls and Super Mutants, as he believes them to be abominations to the world. Adrian is a defiant individual, and not one to really follow orders, which is why he was put under the command of Star Paladin Alex Mason, as it is believed that Mason will be able to teach Adrian some military manners about the hierachy.

Adrian is a resilient and violent man, and his temper is truly devastating, and fiery, and not something that you would want to unleash, whether it be upon yourself, or upon others, as his temper always has a large chance of coming back and biting you. Adrian is a stark contrast to the laid-back persona of Alex, as he is very serious, and does not like messing around, except with Alex, which is probably because the two are friends with one another, and also because they trust each other with their lives.

History: Adrian lived in the West Coast, more accurately in New Vegas, with his father, Marcus Maxson, son of Arthur Maxson. Adrian's life was somewhat hard to live through, however he lived through it without complaining. He joined the Brotherhood of Steel the instant he could, and studied hard and fast, becoming a Senior Paladin within a week. His life was overly uneventful until he was put under the command of Star Paladin Alex Mason, and joined in the assault on the Helios One station, though failed in obtaining it. Then, Alex was tasked with quelling a force of Super Mutants in New Vegas, and Adrian accompanied him without complaining or disobeying his orders. It was here where they truly bonded, as Adrian saved Star Paladin Alex Mason's life from being taken by a Super Mutant which had managed to circle around their position, and get behind their commander, Alex Mason.

Adrian then took a week off leave, returning to his home in New Vegas, where he discovered that his father, and the rest of his family, had died during the Super Mutant attack, and that he was the last Maxson left alive, which troubled him down to his heart, and persuaded him to focus entirely on setting a good example of himself as he would surely become High Elder of the Brotherhood of Steel since he was of course a Maxson, and the last one that was alive, unless of course, he married, and had children. Adrian returned to being a subordinate of Star Paladin Alex Mason, and accompanied his friend to the Capitol Wastelands for their new assignment.

Unique abilities: N/A
Other: N/A

Name: Captain James Henderson
Age: 29
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Appearance: Click
James Stands at a height of seven foot, and is a truly fearsome sight. James' Power Armour is customised to only work with him, and to also only fit him. His Power Armour is crimson in colour, with gold streaks across the chest and arms. James' hair is black in colour, and his eyes are crimson in colour. His skin is heavily tanned, and his body is quite muscular. James' Power armour is fitted with a small electrical generator that provides him with the ability to release a small discharge of electricity that can incapacitate nearby foes. The electrical generator is one of the only weaknesses on his Power Armour.
Faction: Enclave.

Weapons: A3-21 Plasma Rifle,Laser Pistol,Blackhawk,Xuanlong Assault Rifle,Gauss Rifle,Fat Man

Personality: James is a heavily violent and easily angered figure, with an arsenal of weapons that can pretty much decimate anything facing him. James hates the Brotherhood of Steel with a passion, as he perceives them to be villainous fools who have no self-respect for the pro-human organisation that is the Enclave. James despises anything that isn't human. and he has sworn to slay anything that doesn't follow the Enclave if they get in the way as well as anything not human. James is ruthless in his leadership, ruling his squad with an iron fist, and keeping them in line with his sheer power and his appearance.

James is completely and utterly loyal to the Enclave, and would never betray them, just like his parents, who also served in the Enclave, and taught him everything he knows about commanding a squad, and following the orders of the Enclave. James' temper can be easily activated if somebody gets on his bad side, and they will surely regret it, as his temper is truly destructive, and he has no boundaries upon his temper.

History: James grew up at a secret Enclave base deep in the Capitol Wastelands, living with his mother and father, who both served the Enclave, and were two of the most loyal members of the Enclave. They bestowed upon James all their beliefs, and he became as loyal to the Enclave as his parents had been. When he was seventeen, the Brotherhood of Steel engaged the Enclave forces, and his mother was killed in the battle, which caused James to grow a dislike towards the Brotherhood of Steel. His father never recovered from the loss of James' mother.

The Brotherhood of Steel discovered the secret Enclave base, and mounted an assault upon the base. The Enclave suffered tremendous casualties, and James' father was killed in protecting the non-combatants, who fled from the base escorted by a dwindling number of Enclave soldiers. The bravery of the Enclave soldiers added in with the loss of his parents inspired James to join the Enclave military, and he swiftly rose through the ranks, obtaining the rank of Captain. Several years went by, and James was given the command of the 221st Infantry Squad, an elite squad of Enclave commandos, and led an offensive upon the Brotherhood of Steel. James became reknowned for managing to gain victory in conditions that were totally against the Enclave, the most memorable being the Battle of the Capitol Wastelands, within the ruins of Washington, that resulted in a tremendous victory for the Enclave as they secured several key points, including the radio station that a reknowned broadcaster known as Three Dog used to broadcast from, before the Enclave secured it.

Unique abilities:
Speedy Reload
Very Accurate
Other: N/A

Name: Your character’s name. First required, last optional.
Age: Varies by species.
Species: Humans are the most populous, followed by Automata (Specify the model) and Ghouls, which are followed by the Super Mutants. Other feasible races will be allowed given ample explanation.
Gender: Your gender, or your programmed equivalent.
Appearance: Describe what your character looks like. Armor models can be customized in looks if you so desire, but Power Armor and laser weapons are limited to the Enclave and Brotherhood. At least a paragraph or a picture and two lines.
Faction: New California Republic, Brotherhood of Steel, or Enclave.
Weapons: Most anything you can think of. Please describe things such as modifications made for the weapons. Traditional weapons (i.e., shotguns, pistols and the like) are given to the Raiders, Super Mutants, and NCR. Energy weapons (i.e., plasma rifles, laser pistols, and the like) and heavy weapons (i.e., miniguns and rocket launchers) are generally reserved for the Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel, though gathering one through other means is not implausible. Keep it within realistic boundaries (even for robots)
Personality: How your character acts. A good five lines.
History: Your past in the Wasteland to this point. How you’ve survived, how you came to become a member of the faction you are currently in, how you became what you are… Anything relevant. At least two paragraphs. If you normally would not have them, how did you obtain your weapons?
Unique abilities: Can you do something unusual or cool you would like to mention? Put it here. NOTE: This is not a section for superpowers; a normal Human should be able to accomplish the feat. So no, you can’t throw cars at people.
Other: Anything not fitting the above categories
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