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Originally Posted by !CeMAn View Post
I've come to know all too well that sometimes religion chooses you. And, when such a thing happens, you better stand up and accept the offer. Free will goes so far but every now and then we'll get a nudge.
Just don't take anything too seriously.

Also, i feel it's best not to actually settle into anything until you've grown up and have a much better understanding of yourself and what you want, from life and the world around you. Not that you can't change your mind, but let's face it: who wants to look stupid in front of a deity?
Also, no religious tattoos!
Shows your age amongst the youngsters around here, old man. ;)
The issue with religion choosing you is simply that you perceive this to be the case. Whether or not you have that kind of perception is literally a product of who you are as well. That is to say that certain people are more likely to become religious than others. I honestly don't think religion itself is bad; certainly its teachings (whichever one) are to direct people to good. It is only the people who do things under the name of religion that is bad.

Originally Posted by Retro-Smasher View Post
I'm atheist because I think it's a ridiculous and stupid thought that theres some otherworldly all powerful being out there... But I do believe in spirits xD
What's the difference between one supernatural phenomenon against another supernatural phenomenon?

Originally Posted by Team_Edward019 View Post
The way the men in the bible treat women is disgusting
Perhaps. Then again we recognize that gender inequality will pretty much always exist. Even now.

Originally Posted by Team_Edward019 View Post
There is too much pain and suffering in this world for there to be a God
Certain religions claim that "to live is to suffer", such as Hinduism. This is consistent with their claims, thus there is no cognitive dissonance. What may cause cognitive dissonance in one religion doesn't mean there would be in another.

Originally Posted by Team_Edward019 View Post
Ehem....evolution!? There's plenty of proof; MONKEYS FTW!
Evolution is a natural phenomenon. It does not conflict with religion, which is a supernatural phenomenon. Just because evangelical Christians doesn't accept evolution as a straight fact, doesn't mean the existence of evolution disproves religion as you seem to imply.

Secondarily, monkeys have the same ancestor as we do. That has nothing to do with anything.

Originally Posted by Team_Edward019 View Post
At my primary school, we had a religious education class....I got mama to excuse me from it permenantly >_>
Why? I mean, even I did a bit of Christianity in elementary school despite not being one. There's no real harm in trying to understand a religion even if you don't believe in it.

Originally Posted by Team_Edward019 View Post
I don't want to become one of those mindless drones that would apparently give up their life for some dude that prolly doesn't exist
To be fair, more than half of the Christians are normal people like you and I. Yes it is unfortunate that we do have a heavily religious cult in America that has a stranglehold on a large number of the states (i.e. red states). Yes it is unfortunate that they happen to preach the same thing as a large number of people who aren't part of this same cult (i.e. the rest of the Christians). That doesn't mean they are entirely representative to the population.

Secondarily to that, there is nothing stating that you can't live a full life and still work under the mindframe of whichever religion one chooses.

Originally Posted by Team_Edward019 View Post
I would however, love to learn about any of those slightly 'darker' as many say, religions and cults. Like those who worship the goddess Nyx, or any of the pagan or previously said wiccan groups. Buddhism is also quite an interesting belief, and many of the mythologies like the Greeks and Romans are sorta cool.
Christianity is as dark as any other religion. It ranks in the top 3 for "bloodiest religion" in terms of sheer number. Heck, what's wrong with Hinduism, Muslim, etc. either?

Originally Posted by Team_Edward019 View Post
Now to those Christians/Catholics who are gunna flame me; I concede that we are both atheists, because once you realize why you dismiss all the other possible religions; you'll understand why I dismiss yours. Because out of all other religions, what makes you so sure yours is the only right one.

Pardon the short story, you may now leave
They'd still be theists, because they dismiss other religions specifically because there is only 1 God in their mind. Therefore, the reason they dismiss other religions is different from yours due to a different starting position.
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