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Default Re: Fallout: Black Awakening

Rules from your Vault-Tec Official Vault Dweller‘s Guide to Wasteland Survival

1) No G-modding
2) Romance and excessive, unnecessary, fun violence are expected and encouraged. Anything in the realm of removing articles of clothing, however, is not allowed. You can, however, watch your enemies devolve into bloody, eyeball-strewn red paste. Fun!
3) Don’t do things outside the realm of logic; this means, of course, you cannot call in an air strike if you don’t have the authority to do so. Or the weapons to do so. Or the planes to do so.
4) Type Render Unto Caesar somewhere in your SU to signify your reading of the rules.
5) Your character can be anything you wish in terms of rank. Want to lead the Brotherhood? Go ahead; but keep in mind that being the leader does not mean your troops will always follow you. A limit of one leader (General, President, Head-whatever) per person. Character limit caps at 4.
6) If you intend to play a neutral party, beware; you’re between a rock and a nuclear warhead.
7) "Monsters", such as Feral Ghouls and Radroaches, are considered NPCs, which can be controlled by anyone at their discretion.
8) Have fun, and enjoy your Wasteland wandering experience!

The SU

Name: Your character’s name. First required, last optional.
Age: Varies by species.
Species: Humans are the most populous, followed by Automata (Specify the model) and Ghouls, which are followed by the Super Mutants. Other feasible races will be allowed given ample explanation.
Gender: Your gender, or your programmed equivalent.
Appearance: Describe what your character looks like. Armor models can be customized in looks if you so desire, but Power Armor and laser weapons are limited to the Enclave and Brotherhood. At least a paragraph or a picture and two lines.
Faction: New California Republic, Brotherhood of Steel, or Enclave.
Weapons: Most anything you can think of. Please describe things such as modifications made for the weapons. Traditional weapons (i.e., shotguns, pistols and the like) are given to the Raiders, Super Mutants, and NCR. Energy weapons (i.e., plasma rifles, laser pistols, and the like) and heavy weapons (i.e., miniguns and rocket launchers) are generally reserved for the Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel, though gathering one through other means is not implausible. Keep it within realistic boundaries (even for robots)
Personality: How your character acts. A good five lines.
History: Your past in the Wasteland to this point. How you’ve survived, how you came to become a member of the faction you are currently in, how you became what you are… Anything relevant. At least two paragraphs. If you normally would not have them, how did you obtain your weapons?
Unique abilities: Can you do something unusual or cool you would like to mention? Put it here. NOTE: This is not a section for superpowers; a normal Human should be able to accomplish the feat. So no, you can’t throw cars at people.
Other: Anything not fitting the above categories.


Neo Pikachu: BoS Paladin Kenneth Ulysses
Metal Sonic: NCR Ranger Drew Jackson

Metal Sonic (BoS Paladin; President/General of the Enclave)

Kaioo (Two BoS; one Enclave; one cannon fodder neutral)


<Image made by Neo>

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