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Default Fallout: Black Awakening [SU]

War… War never changes.

In the year 2077, after a long and bloody war for control of the last of the natural resources on Earth, what came to be known as the Great War came to happen. On October 23, 2077, the United States of America, China, and the other nuclear armed nations of the world unleashed all of the nuclear weapons in their arsenal. In just two hours, the world was reduced to ruin. No one knew who fired the first shot, but by the end of the day, no one cared. But Humanity was not lost; some survived in makeshift nuclear bunkers. Others were admitted in to the exclusive underground facilities called Vaults, and survived through that means. Still others mutated, becoming creatures known as Ghouls, reminiscent of zombies from old monster movies. In the years that followed the bombs, anything that wasn’t killed by the radiation was turned into something more vicious and monstrous than ever imagined. Ants grew to the size of dogs, many insects survived, turned into new threats to stamp out the remnant of humanity. The scorpions many kept as pets and wild in the deserts of Eastern America became Radscorpions, the average size being about that of a car and just as hardy. Cockroaches grew to the size of house cats, and became known as Radroaches. Flies turned into child-sized monstrosities. But these natural mutations are considered minor in light of the ferocious Deathclaws, creatures bigger than a man and just as fierce as their name would suggest, genetically modified from chameleons by an unknown source, they are considered one of the deadliest creatures to roam the Wasteland.

Some time later, though none remember exactly when, the Super Mutants joined the fray. Taller than a man, the Super Mutants of the West Coast were all made in what remained of the Mariposa military base, Humans turned into hulking brutes by a being known only as the Master. What they lack in brains and peace, they more than make up for in brute strength. Luckily, the Super Mutants have no real interest in Humans unless they happen upon their territories. Many Humans gave way to their greed as the world burned and became the Raiders, of many different tribes. The Raiders are a plague to the rest of society, vicious Humans who no longer care to show any of the kinder emotions in them, killing anyone they please unless killed first, and taking from the bodies the loot they want, among other things.

But not all was lost to chaos; in the ruins of the old world, the inhabitants of Vault 13 and Vault 15 united to form the New California Republic, modeled after the old government of the United States of America and attempting to restore peace to whoever it can, the NCR’s presence has mostly forced the Raiders and Super Mutants from the towns it controls. From the mysterious underground research facilities that survived the war, the Enclave, descended from the last of the United States of America’s government, it was they who developed the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV) that created the Super Mutants and the Deathclaws. Determined to retake their position of power and restore the United States to its former glory, they have shown themselves willing to commit genocide to purge the world of the mutant undesireables in order to do it. As an opposition to the Enclave rose the Brotherhood of Steel, descended from a branch of the United States Military. Devoted to restoring the old war’s technology and keeping it out of the hands of those who might misuse it, the Brotherhood served as the only thing standing between the Enclave and its desires on both the East and West coast. The Brotherhood’s technology was older, however, and in addition to a power struggle over Hoover Dam with the NCR, the Brotherhood of the West coast was pushed into its bunker, while the East Coast branch waged a war with both the Super Mutants and the Enclave, discovering the pre-war machine Liberty Prime and putting it to good use until it was destroyed in battle.

The Wasteland that is America has become more united in the twenty years since the East Coast Brotherhood’s defeat of the Enclave forces at Raven’s Rock, a hidden facility in the Capital Wasteland in the remains of what was once the nation’s capital, the addition of air vehicles made contact with and transportation between two different worlds possible. The Capital Wasteland, what remained of the nation’s capitol. The Pitt, the remnants of Pittsburg turned into a huge slaver complex, churning out ammo for whoever could pay for it. The Mojave Wasteland, what is left of the Mojave desert, including the mostly-untouched paradise of New Vegas, and the still-functioning Hoover Dam. More specific areas than this have no reclaimed air force bases with which to land the Enclave air vehicles at, and remain closed off to the world. But as a threat mounts to steal the capitol from the stability brought by the Brotherhood of Steel, one can only wonder what will happen. Will you be the savior of the Wasteland, or will you be its burden? Will you help to rebuild the world, or will you watch it burn again? All of these things are up to you, but war… war never changes.


Thirty years have passed since the Brotherhood of Steel defeated the Enclave at Project Purity and started the facility up. Twenty years ago, the NCR reached the DC wasteland to find that the Brotherhood had mostly taken over the area, but unlike the more hostile West Coast Brotherhood, the East Coast welcomed them with open arms. Ten years later, the NCR and the Brotherhood united to form a new government, one that could take the place of what had once been. The process would be slow, but with the nation’s capitol under their control, there was little doubt they would be successful. Last year, the Enclave, resurfacing much to the surprise of the Brotherhood of Steel after their repeated defeats, suddenly riose in the Mojave wasteland and the Pitt, taking both Hoover Dam and the Helios One solar power plant from the NCR while causing heavy casualties for the New California Republic on the West Coast. With the Archimedes super laser and the Mobile Air Force Base repaired and fully operational, the Enclave abandoned the Mojave Wasteland and the central American region, turning their sights at the new seat of power. The combination of the NCR and the Brotherhood of Steel in the DC wasteland have created a government that provides peace and stability for most of its inhabitants, but will this peace be shattered by the Enclave, or will the Brotherhood and NCR prevail? Only time will tell…

Your goal: As the combined forces of the Brotherhood of Steel and the NCR, help prevent the Enclave from destroying everything you have worked to build; a stable home in the unstable world left in the wake of 2077’s nuclear holocaust. Or, as the Enclave, crush the Brotherhood of Steel and New California Republic, and utilize the materials in the Pentagon and other military installations to purge the world of the mutated scum polluting what was once America in order to restore the nation to its former glory. There are no independent parties; those who attempt to remain neutral are swiftly and brutally crushed by the Enclave’s advance.

The World

Split between the Capitol Wasteland and the Central Wasteland, news travels slowly. While this has quickened among the Brotherhood and those with the money to pay for transit, this holds true for much of the Wastes. Unless you tangle with some of the larger groups of the Wasteland, don’t expect your name to be renown.

Most major cities of the United States were hit hard by the nuclear war of 2077. Las Vegas, now New Vegas, and the Pentagon have both been restored, and Hoover Dam remains functional, but the majority of the Wasteland is both without power and mostly destroyed. New York in particular has only a few landmarks of its great cityscape remaining, and indeed even the White House was completely destroyed. Some cities have restored themselves enough to resemble such, but many buildings remain decrepit and bombed-out, the Vaults notwithstanding, though those that have opened have mostly been stripped of technology. Our story focuses on the Capitol Wasteland.

Map of the American wasteland Map of the Capitol Wasteland (Points of interest listed)

The factions (Playable groups)

The Brotherhood of Steel, East Coast A group that was sent by the West Coast to try to recover technology from the Pentagon, which has been reconstructed as a fortress by them. Led by Elder Sarah Lyons, who now commands both the East and West Coast divisions, the East Coast division has been waging a long war against the Super Mutants infesting the downtown DC ruins, acting as saviors to those in the DC wastes. Their patrols are numerous in the region, and former Enclave Vertibirds scour the area for any sign of the Super Mutants. The thirty years between the defeat of the Enclave at Raven Rock have seen them prosper, with a large force and now recruiting more members. The Super Mutant threat has been mostly pushed back save for small scouting parties, and the Brotherhood mostly has control over the region, having restored peace.

The Enclave Despite two humiliating defeats at Raven’s Rock and Project Purity on the East Coast, following two earlier defeats at Poseidon Oil Rig and Navarro in on the West Coast, the Enclave has risen once more in a startling upheval. From an untouched base in the remains of Anchorage, the site of the last battle in the war against China, the Enclave returned in full force, taking over Helios One and Hoover Dam in the Mojave before returning to the Capitol Wasteland, their superior technology quickly putting the Brotherhood and the NCR against a wall. The Enclave’s Vertibirds and all around technology are superior to the Brotherhood’s technology, and their deadly commanders are more than a match for the NCR’s Rangers, making them a powerful foe to face. The Enclave soldiers are equipped with either powered armor or newly-acquired stealth armor and laser weapons, with their captains wearing what armor or uniform they choose to. All Enclave soldiers can be expected to have plasma or laser weapons, though some are equipped with other heavy weaponry. They make up for their relatively small numbers with their superiorly trained soldiers and equipment, as well as their numerous vertibirds.

Enclave: Super Mutants Mutated Humans that look similar to their un-mutated counterparts, but have no hair, generally have a green skin color, and tower at almost nine feet tall. A Super Mutant’s age can be gauged by their build; if they are the size of a normal Human, a rarity, they are relatively young, but if they are as big as a bus, as some of the feared Behemoths, they can be well over one hundred years old. Super Mutants have a general dislike for Humans, but don’t mind leaving them well enough alone provided they do so as well. Super Mutants are rumored to eat some of the Humans unlucky enough to wander into their camps. Most Super Mutants have lost the majority of their intelligent and, put bluntly, are about as intelligent as a bag of bricks. What they lack in intelligence, however, they more than make up for with physical strength. Their fighting force has been taken over by the Enclave, and the neural control modules on their heads make them completely loyal to the Enclave forces controlling them. Unlike their Enclave masters, the Super Mutants generally use large weapons such as rifles and miniguns, and are not trusted with energy weapons. The few Super Mutants not controlled by the Enclave were ether wiped out or forced to make an alliance with the BoS and NCR or face a swift extinction.

Enclave: Raiders Of various brands and allegiances, the Raiders are anarchists who have banded together in various clans that prefer to make their living by killing others or, if they are particularly wanting of something specific, selling themselves as mercenaries and other things. Women are frowned upon in this society by most clans, but some manage to rise to high ranks and are just as feared as the males. Many of the Raiders have sided with the Enclave in exchange for ammunition, weapons, and a chance to live when they take over. Of course, they don’t realize the Enclave has no intention of giving them what they want. Raiders are equipped with normal firearms, and are usually in large groups to take enemies through number rather than strategy. Unforgiving Enclave ‘associates’ often forget orders and fire on bands of Raiders, though these incidences go unreported. Being anarchists, most Raiders have not sided with anyone, though these have been stamped out almost entirely between the intense fighting between the two factions.

The New California Republic Created when the inhabitants of Vault 15 and Vault 13 joined forces to rebuild the world. They started out small, but are now a large organization. Their base, formerly in the Central Wasteland, is now in the DC wasteland. Their almost bottomless supply of crackerjack troops are as different from one to the next as a Radroach from a Ghoul, but their inconsistency in tactics and weapons makes them a wild card and useful in a fight. The Rangers, garbed in black body armor, are the best of the best, and are equal to the Brotherhood’s power-armored Paladins in combat skills. They are not trained in the use of power armor, but their use of any and all conventional weapons well makes up for this. What they lack in consistency they make up for in sheer numbers.

New California Republic: Ghouls Ghouls are what happens to Humans exposed to ungodly amounts of radiation without the good fortune to die. After some time, the skin begins to flake off, and the Human affected will eventually come to look like a rotting corpse, by which point they are referred to as Ghouls. Unlike Humans, Ghouls are healed by radiation, and don’t suffer any adverse effects from it. However, despite looking dead, Ghouls can be killed just as easily as a Human can, though not by radiation. Some are tougher than the average Human, but it is never by a great amount. The Brotherhood does not accept Ghoul initiates, and the Enclave shoots them on sight, but the NCR does not have any problem with them joining their ranks. Some Ghouls lose the ability to reason and become ‘feral’ Ghouls, which eat the flesh of whatever happens by that is not another Ghoul or sufficiently disguised Human. Ghouls are usually incapable of wearing Power Armor, as the computers usually installed to monitor life signs does not pick them up and automatically shuts down, effectively preventing them from using it.

Brotherhood of Steel, Enclave, New California Republic:Automatons Robots built before the war, largely, are still in working condition. Though a fair few have been damaged and preceive anything that moves as a threat, most of them have been repaired or were undamaged through the two hundred and thirty years since they were built. Many models exist, but the most common are the Robobrain, a robot that uses a brain as its central processor, the Protectron, a sturdy model armed with a laser gun in either hand, the Mister Gutsy, armed with a flamethrower and plasma rifle, and the Mister Handy, a civilian model of the Mister Gutsy equipped with a saw and a flamethrower. A list of in-universe robots can be found Here though others will be accepted within reasonable terms.


Feral Ghouls Ghouls that have lost all higher-level though processes that attack anything that isn’t a Ghoul on sight. They roam the Wastes at night more commonly than the day, but they have no problem with the sunlight. Ferals most often roam the underground regions of the Wasteland, and usually are no tougher than Humans. A Glowing One is a unique Feral Ghoul that has become a living conduit for radiation.

Radscorpions Giant scorpions, generally the size of small vehicles (Normal variety) and moderately sized cars (For the larger variety). Radscorpions are armed with a par of large pincers, but prefer to come down on their enemies with their stingers. They are naturally armored on the top, but their soft underbellies can be exploited with well-placed grenades.

Radroaches More a nuisance than a threat, Radroaches will eat anything that’s dead or otherwise incapacitated. They usually ignore heavily armed travelers, but anything they perceive to be near death, they will attack. Radroaches can be dispatched easily with a single shot from any conventional or melee weapon.

Deathclaws Vicious monsters created by exposing chameleons to the Forced Evolutionary Virus by the United States Government as a replacement for their ground troops in heavy fighting, Deathclaws are the most fierce predator to inhabit the Wasteland, and their unchecked breeding has allowed them to spread almost to what remains of Alaska were it not for the cold. A full grown Deathclaw stands around eight feet tall and is a demonic beast one sees in nightmares, with a vaguely human physical structure and a thick tail, though they are renowned for their speed and the lethal sharpness of their claws, hence the name. In addition to being deadly attackers, their skin was genetically modified in pre-war years to be able to withstand strong attacks; only a few weapons can deal great damage against a Deathclaw, and these few weapons are usually unavailable to the common folks. Deathclaws generally live in large packs beneath an alpha male and a mother Deathclaw, though a good many are under control of the Enclave, kept in line by neural inhibitors on their heads. Destroying these only makes the Deathclaw go berserk, and by the time their enemies have killed the Deathclaw, the Enclave is well ready to step in and mop up the remaining troops.

Rogue automatons: A result of the AI ‘breaking’ over the many years since their construction, a good number of military Gutsy, Protectron, Sentry Bots and Robobrains roam the Wasteland, attacking anything that could constitute a threat, which is generally anything that moves. Given that these machines can function on their own power source for well over a thousand years, these machines are an excellent source of energy cells and energy weapon ammunition for the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave… if the Enclave didn’t already have a nearly inexhaustible supply of them already.
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