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Default Re: Site Suggestions

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post
In my opinion (and plenty of people I know), the VM character limits need to be increased. It's so annoying to have to type 3 different VMs just to reply to "What have you been up to lately?"

I know people say, "Just use PMs," but they're so inconvenient and to just reply to a question or whatever, it seems a little pointless. And it's so easy to increase the character limit, so why not do it? I'm sure a LOT of people will appreciate it. It always gets me, and especially since I use the colour code, that also restricts it (and no, I'm NOT going to ditch my colour just for VMs).

I know people may object, but to people who actually use VMs constantly, it's really frustrating that it's limited to 300 characters. This is actually the main thing I'd love to be changed on the whole site. Maybe a few hundred more characters would suffice, like 800 or something. It's not much when it gets down to it.

I second this motion. I've had to clip my VMs quite a bit if I'm replying to more than a couple of questions and it's awfully annoying. It doesn't even need to be 800; 600 would seriously be fine. 300 is just bothersome. I mean, this entire paragraph is more than 300 characters and I've barely even said anything (or am I just long-winded? Oh well).

Oh, and forum skins do sound like fun. I have little artistic skill, really, but I could give that a shot.

Anyway, you and Kenny have been doing an excellent job of managing the forum in Ryan's inactivity, so huge props to you guys. I've seen tons of cool threads crop up recently to get the forum involved; that forum skins thing's gotten some excitement, and the voice acting thread has been nothing short of a smash hit. Keep it up!
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