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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church PG-13 (edited and redone)

OOC: I know. I was over her house last night watching the new episode of the vampire diaries since she actually isn't contagious. After when she show was over we talked about this next post and what she wanted me to do with her here it is


"Considering what you are, I could ask you the same question," Ichiru started but then briefly paused. "I'm only here because I wanted to see my brother again. I have no harmful intentions, if that's what you're worried about." Stefan didn't say anything at first. He just kept his gaze on Ichiru, then eyed him up and down.

"I can tell you weren't changed that long ago. I'm actually impressed at how well you can control yourself with blood and being around other humans. It took me a few decades to get to where you are." Stefan started as he sounded impressed. He looked down at Ichiru's hand, seeing the ring that allowed him to walk in the sunlight. He looked down at his own as he gave out a little sigh.

"I'm here because I was originally born in this town back in 1846. I come passing through here once in a while to visit my house." Stefan said. He looked in the direction where Ashley was walking and looked at her for a few seconds. There was another reason why he had returned here...

"I need to start going." Stefan paused as he looked back over at Ichiru. "Keep this a secret from Ashley." With that, Stefan walked back over towards the woods and was out of sight.

Ashley; Jeremy; Bonnie:

Ashley quickly walked out of the graveyard and over to her car. Her car was parked in the opposite direction where Kiseki stood so she didn't see him. After when Ashley reached her car, she quickly got in and drove away, heading over to the antique shop. When she got there Ashley parked her car next to Bonnie's and got out, walking in the store with her injured hand up against her shirt so she wouldn't get any blood on the floor.

"Bonnie..." Jeremy said in a low voice as he looked over at Ashley. Bonnie looked where Jeremy's gaze was and followed it, seeing Ashley standing there. Bonnie noticed the blood right away as Jeremy and Bonnie quickly walked over to Ashley.

"Ashley what happened?" Bonnie asked as she looked down at Ashley's hand.

"I'll tell you once we get to my house." Ashley said as she turned around and walked out of the store. Jeremy and Bonnie exchanged confused looks for a few seconds as they followed Ashley.

Once the three of them reached Ashley's and Jeremy's house, they quickly walked up to Ashley's room and closed the door. Silence filled the room as Ashley was lost in thought of what had happened just before.

"Alright, so what happened?" Jeremy asked. Ashley told the two of them exactly what had happened in the graveyard. She told them about the stone door and everything. Once she was finished, Bonnie took a deep breath and looked over at her friends.

"Do you guys remember when I use to joke about my grandmother and all that witch stuff?" Bonnie asked as the two twins nodded. Bonnie took another deep breath and nodded her head. "If you guys found out something about me that's well...crazy, would you still be my friends?"

"Of course we would Bonnie." Ashley said as Jeremy nodded. Bonnie gave a little smile and walked over to Ashley bed; Bonnie then grabbed one of many pillows on Ashley's bed and scissors. With a quick motion, Bonnie cut a huge gash in the pillow and let the feathers lightly fall out on the bed.

"Hey!" Ashley gasped as she looked over at Jeremy, who was just as surprised as his sister was.

"Just be patient." Bonnie said as she smiled.

"Okay..." Ashley watched as Bonnie walked over to all the windows in Ashley's room and shut them. Bonnie then sat on the bed and looked over at Jeremy and Ashley.

"I need to swear you to secrecy. I need you to swear because I'm not suppose to be showing you this."

"Yeah, you have our word Bonnie." Jeremy said as Ashley nodded.

"Okay. There's no windows open right? "

"Right..." Ashley answered.

"There's no fan, no air conditioning..."

"None. What are you doing?" Ashley asked as she looked down at the feathers. Bonnie smiled and put her right palm over one of the large feathers and left an three inch gap so she wasn't touching it at all. She slowly lifted up her hand, having the feather levitate in the air. Where ever her hand went, the feather followed it. As Bonnie was doing so, Ashley and Jeremy watched the feather with widened eyes. After a few seconds of keeping the feather in the air, she took her hand away, causing the feather to lightly fall back on the bed.

"Bonnie what's going on...? Ashley asked as Jeremy's mouth hung open. Bonnie smiled and rubbed her hands together a few times. She then put both of her hands over the pile of feathers and did the same thing as before, only this time Bonnie made seven feathers levitate in the air. Ashley's mouth hung open as well, then giving Bonnie a huge smile in excitement as she looked over at her. The feathers fell on the bed as Bonnie brought back her hands and looked over at her friends. Bonnie smiled as she shifted her eyes up, sending every singe feather to levitate in the air and float around the entire room. Ashley and Jeremy couldn't believe what they were seeing as smiles of excitement and complete surprise washed over them.

"It's all true. Everything that my grandmother told me. It's impossible...but it's true. I'm a Witch."

"I believe you." Jeremy said as he nodded his head. Bonnie smiled as she made all the feathers slowly make their way back over to the bed. Ashley continued to smile as she looked over at Bonnie.

"How long have you been doing this?"

"A few years now. I'm always practicing."

"But why didn't you tell us before?" Jeremy asked as he still kept smiling.

"My grandmother didn't want me to tell anyone. You guys are my best friends though. I couldn't keep this from you any longer."

"Is there anything else out there?" Ashley asked. Bonnie looked down at the bed, then nodding her head.

"What's out there?" Jeremy asked. Bonnie looked up as she took a deep breath.

"I'll tell you once I heal Ashley's hand." Bonnie said as she looked over at Ashley.

"You can do that?" Ashley asked as she unwrapped the bloody cloth. Bonnie gave a little chuckle as she looked at her.

"I can do a lot of things." Bonnie reached out and gently grabbed Ashley's hand. She then closed her eyes and began to whisper an incantation to herself. Ashley and Jeremy both looked down at the cut, watching it become smaller and smaller until it was completely gone. Bonnie then opened her eyes and looked at her friends. She couldn't keep them in the dark any longer. She needed to tell them about the Supernatural...

Kei told me that you watch the vampire diaries DA. Did you watch last nights new episode? It was really good lol. Here's an extended trailer for the next new episode that doesn't come on until December though.
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