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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church PG-13 (edited and redone)

OoC: Aw, poor thing. D: I hope she feels better soon.

IC: "Ichiru? I'm stuck. I guess this is what I get for forgetting to give you a ride home." Ichiru chuckled softly at Ashley's response, although held back his own as she spoke again. "I'm gonna try to climb the wall again. I just need to wrap up my hand first."

He nodded, kneeling down near the edge so that he could see her better, and help her as well, once she started climbing. A small yelp of pain came from below, as well as what sounded like water. When Ichiru saw an empty water bottle tossed aside, he knew that Ashley had been cleansing the wound on her hand. A rip followed shortly after, most likely meaning she'd torn off a piece of something to wrap it in.

Footsteps brought Ichiru to turn somewhat sharply, seeing the boy from earlier walking up beside him. He felt the same feeling he'd experienced in the classroom, which made him narrow his gaze slightly.

"Are you alright?" He asked Ashley, looking down into the hole.

"Yeah I'm fine. I'm gonna try and climb up the wall again." Ashley responded.

"Try to climb it as much as you can. I'm gonna try to pull you up." He quickly got down on his stomach, stretching his right arm down into the hole. Ichiru could see Ashley climbing the wall of the pit by the roots, and, although it didn't appear he'd be needed, he stayed close by regardless. After a few moments of slipping and climbing, Stefan pulled Ashley out of the hole, who quickly stood, backing away from it.

"Thank you guys."

Ichiru nodded at the same time as Stefan, although she shouldn't really have been thanking him, considering he hadn't really done anything to help.

"You're hurt. You should go get that bandaged up." Stefan said after looking at Ashley's injured hand. Ichiru followed his gaze and noticed blood beginning to drip from it again, having soaked through the thin piece of cloth she'd used to wrap it up - which happened to have been her shirt.

"Yeah you're right. Thank you guys again for helping me. We should hang out and get to know each other sometime." Ashley smiled, and once again Ichiru nodded in agreement simultaneously with Stefan. She turned and walked away then, leaving the two of them standing there in a slightly heavy silence.

"I know what you really are. I'm sure you can sense what I am as well." Stefan turned to look at Ichiru, giving him a hard look. Ichiru turned to face him as well, his eyes narrowing slightly. "Why are you here in this town?"

"Considering what you are, I could ask you the same question," Ichiru responded with a scowl. He paused briefly, deciding to answer the question anyway. "I'm only here because I wanted to see my brother again. I have no harmful intentions, if that's what you're worried about."
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