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Default Re: Pokemon: Uprise of the Legendaries

"CM! There you are!" Kieran screamed
"What's up?"
"Have you seen Cerulean?" Kieran said softly
"No....why?" CM muttered
"Mewtwo has destroyed it."
"..." CM was speechless
"Mewtwo will pay for what he has done. But what about that forest fire?"

CM hesitated. "Ho-Oh..."
Kieran's stomach turned. These...the legendary Pokemon...something is going on here. We should gather other trainers and find out."

"...Right..." CM muttered.
Kieran slowly said. "Let...let out your Pokemon....something...something could get them. I have a feeling."

A Raichu,Blastoise,Typhlosion and a Golem came out along with a Shiny Charizard, Dragonite, Kingdra, and a Salamence.


A large explosion was heard.
"I think it's coming from the east!" CM said.
"VERMILION!" Kieran shouted.
A large, green, lizard-flying like Pokemon emerged.
"This is not happening...No..." Kieran muttered.
"EVERYONE, ATTACK!" they both shouted.
Lightning, water, fire and rocks came flying out at Rayquaza.Thunder, Hydro Pump, Fire Blast, Dragon Rage, all of these attacks hit the flying dragon.

The dragon fell to the ground, crying.
"YES!" They said in rejoice.
But they should not of said that. The Rayquaza got right back up...something from its mouth...

"NOO! HYPER BEAM!" Kieran screamed. Kieran grabbed his Pokeballs quickly, and returned his Pokemon...but one ball slipped...Raichu's...

"K-KIERAN! YOU MISSED RAICHUS BALL!" CM's pokemon were back in there balls.
"STORM!" They both screamed. It was too late. Storm the Raichu, Kieran, and CM were hit by the beam of light....Was this the end?

You versus me? Funny.
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