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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church PG-13 (edited and redone)

I sat in the back room of the antique shop. could it have really been Abigail. Had she jolined the ranks of those I had sworn to destroy. Or was she really alive.

"Alan, guns are ready." Called Michael from his restoration room. I snapped back to reality and headed over to the counter. Michael handed me the revolvers and I placed them in the pockets of my overcoat. Then I glanced at the taxidermized Wendigo head on the wall.

"How come nobody ever asks about that?" I thought to myself. I guess being a zoologist by occupation assisted me when it came to identifying animals, but that wendigo was just wrong looking.

"People probably just think of it as an elk head. I had some of those wierd cult guys by here earlier though, they seemed angry that I had it up on the wall." He said. Suddenly, the bell on the door rang and Lucille entered the shop followed by Magnus, who was still wearing popcorn like a black, shaggy scarf.

"Hey sweetie." Lucille said as she walked over to Michael and gave him a long kiss. Magnus leaned on the counter and huffed.

"I'dn't it great, young love." He muttered and scratched Popcorn's head. The Binturong curl up on the counter and coiled up, snoozing.

"Magnus, they're 30, they've been married for 9 years. I wouldn't call it that young." I chuckled to the old, bearded supernatural hunter.

"So, we gonna start this meeting?" I asked.

"Not until Stephen gets her, and speak of the devil." Michael said as Beaudry lumbered into the room.

"Evening folks, so, is it time for the weekly meeting, cause I've been hearig about a new cult around town." He rumbled.
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