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Default Re: Election Day 2010

Originally Posted by Dark Lord View Post
Democrats are the ones that wanted this "Health Care" Bill. If you don't get health insurance you WILL go to jail. Sounds like the Democrats WANT a totalitarian government. Republicans are the ones against the health care bill. Do you want to go to jail for not having any health insurance? If you do, go vote for the Democrats and ruin this country. Having this bill WILL ruin this country. Obama doing nothing but talking about making this country better, but yet he is doing NOTHING about it.

This is how I feel.
I have nothing to add, but you sound exactly like a political ad or the opening to a scary documentary. No relevance, I just thought it was pretty funny, especially read aloud in a dramatic voice.

Oh, wait, I do have something to add: hyperbole is bad. No single bill ruins a country, certainly not a health care reform bill.
Originally Posted by Kenny_C.002 View Post
I agree though, since this whole economic situation really isn't something that Obama can solve. It isn't something that anybody can solve, really, since the problem is deep.
I agree completely, though I honestly don't believe there's a huge problem. Economies, especially less regulated ones like the economy of the US, go through booms and recessions. That's just how the system works, s'far as I know.
Never say never. However, what is true is that the Republicans have gone ahead in these elections and Palin's the figurehead of Tea Party that's backing the Republicans.
Yeah, that's pretty distressing. :/ Like I said, it seems to me that's more the younger voters not caring and the conservative voters getting all freaked out and presumably voting in droves. If Palin ever has a serious shot at being President, I would hope the people who didn't vote this time around would be motivated enough by the terrifying prospect of her winning to go out and vote for another guy.
Yeah pretty much all of them are incompetent hypocrites. It's a mess with our minority governments, since nothing really gets done with everybody bickering amongst themselves.
Minority governments? Do you mean parties? If so, at least your minority parties have a voice; every party that's not elephant- or donkey-related here is pretty much incapable of influencing politics. It's a shame, really. Why can't the Neo-Nazi party get a chance? :(
The bill's been in action for a while now. Has it affected you? No. Exactly. The problem with the bill is not that it changes things. The problem with the bill is that it changed nothing. It was in fact a victory for the Republicans. If Obama just went with universal health care in the first place, this wouldn't have mattered.
Wait, doesn't the legislation outlaw denying people based on pre-existing conditions, or have the health insurance companies already found a loophole out of that? I'd call that a rather significant step forward, even if it's nowhere near universal health care.

Oh, and I personally support the idea of government-run health care or, as Kenny said, non-profit organization health care. There are some things where good ol' supply-and-demand capitalism is just a really, really bad idea.
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