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Default Re: Election Day 2010

Originally Posted by Lusankya View Post
Republicans are far more extremist than Democrats, which is part of the reason I dislike them a lot more. Overall though, both parties have been moving towards the sides rather than the middle. Reagan would have been astonished at how single-minded today's Republicans are.
That is true. Obama is quite moderate relative to our political structure. He leans closer to our Conservatives than our Liberals.

Originally Posted by Larvinator View Post
It's more the younger generation than the older, at this point. The Obama election was incredible in how it brought the young voters out in droves; now, though, after Multiracial Jesus failed to solve everything by snapping his fingers, the younger generation has gone right back to not giving a damn. Meanwhile, (generally) older Republican voters just got really angry all of a sudden (probably "WAAAAH WE'RE NOT IN POWER ANYMORE, TYRANNY" and scary people like Beck and Limbaugh and Palin feeding the fire, if I had to take a guess) and went out to "take America back."
It's unfortunate, since in general the younger population holds more power than the rest of the population specifically because they don't vote. I agree though, since this whole economic situation really isn't something that Obama can solve. It isn't something that anybody can solve, really, since the problem is deep. Ironically, I do think the Republicans would have drove it more to the ground than Obama.

Originally Posted by Larvinator View Post
Incidentally, if Palin won 2012, I'd start looking into my out-of-country college options quite quickly. Probably won't happen, though; she's disliked by moderates of all parties and loathed by liberals in particular, so a majority seems impossible.
Never say never. However, what is true is that the Republicans have gone ahead in these elections and Palin's the figurehead of Tea Party that's backing the Republicans.

Originally Posted by Larvinator View Post
Hey, Canadian politics, huh? I've heard a little bit about that "so many parties and they all suck" system, but I gotta admit I'm curious about the hows and whys of the whole thing.
Yeah pretty much all of them are incompetent hypocrites. It's a mess with our minority governments, since nothing really gets done with everybody bickering amongst themselves.

Originally Posted by Dark Lord View Post
Democrats are the ones that wanted this "Health Care" Bill. If you don't get health insurance you WILL go to jail. Sounds like the Democrats WANT a totalitarian government. Republicans are the ones against the health care bill. Do you want to go to jail for not having any health insurance? If you do, go vote for the Democrats and ruin this country. Having this bill WILL ruin this country. Obama doing nothing but talking about making this country better, but yet he is doing NOTHING about it.

This is how I feel.
^Typical answer a Tea Party child is fed by their parents. It's not how you feel, it's how your parents feel and is feeding you this as though it is fact. I don't blame you for not having an opinion on this yet, because you're young, though. Then again, it's highly unlikely you'll actually start thinking about this more deeply than "listen to Glenn Beck" anyway by the looks of it. I again can't really blame you, since your society groom you this way. It's like how I was brought up in a family that is completely devoid of political affiliations. I had to find my own political voice specifically because my parents didn't feed me one, and I often found it through my teachers in high school and university, which takes a more moderate and humanistic approach.

The bill's been in action for a while now. Has it affected you? No. Exactly. The problem with the bill is not that it changes things. The problem with the bill is that it changed nothing. It was in fact a victory for the Republicans. If Obama just went with universal health care in the first place, this wouldn't have mattered. He would have been able to force the bill through the house and senate without Republican input. He didn't. He paid for it.

I used to think that this could be a good stepping stone to a solution, but Obama doesn't have the balls to take it to its natural conclusion. That is to change all insurance companies into non-profit organizations and forcing them to become as efficient as the German sick funds (their form of insurance) are, and the Germans are about 4 TIMES more efficient at insurance.

Also, totalitarianism has nothing to do with how the health care bill works (it sounds nothing like it). In fact, it is very different in how it works. Secondarily, the irony here is that by jailing people without insurance, one actually effectively give them insurance in the form of prison (as they get free health care). One can argue that they would potentially have better lives in jail than out of jail. Not that it matters, since you can't jail 2 million people.

Finally, I'd like the point out that health care is a human right according to the declaration of human rights. So yes, even poor people are entitled to health care. The only thing different is that I've set my bar at the prevention level rather than the current American "treat the dying" level that EMTALA offers. Again the difference here is that EMTALA means hospitals have to treat end-game diseases that can be caught earlier and treated more cheaply than when the people actually present to the hospital. This actually helps drive up costs of health care as these hospitals need to get their money from somewhere to cover for the incredible costs the uninsured racks up. Yes, that is why you are paying some 60% more GDP/capita than any other country in existence with a decrease in overall population health. That is, American hospitals are great...if you can pay for them.
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