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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

OOC: Enjoy your little plans while you can, mien friends. Soon things will turn truly chaotic! >8D

Also, you need to listen to this when you get to the part marked by the big, bolded asterisk, to the end of Ronoh's portion of the post. It helps set the mood ^^.


IC: Zohara Desmond =Vampire=
World of the Living ; Karakura Town, Orihime’s Flower Shop

Zohara nodded absently and followed after Orihime when she left the shop. The moment he was back out in the rain, his irritation spiked and he nearly went off on his own to rampage merrily across the town. He resisted the urge and instead took the lead, going slow enough for the human girl to keep up. It wouldn’t do if he rushed off and she got killed.

This rain is getting to be a nuisance, the Vampire thought irritably. What a very peculiar coincidence that this mass of Hollows attacks just a few minutes after this unnatural rain starts falling…

“This is no accident,” Zohara called back to Orihime. A Hollow leapt out at him from an alley, but Zohara merely flicked a hand at it, sending an inky orb of spiritual pressure flying. The globe smashed into the Hollow’s mask and obliterated it immediately. “Someone has planned this, and planned it well. Such an ungodly number of Hollows attacking when this odd rain falls…” Several more Hollows approached now, and without even seeming to pay attention to them, Zohara flung more balls of spiritual pressure. The Hollows were slain before coming within ten feet of the two.

Indeed, the Vampire was staring up into the sky, eyes narrowed as he studied what appeared to be the largest knot of Hollows. They all seemed to be coming from there, or at least most of them. And now there were more than just common Hollows. More and more coming through were Gillians, or Vasto Lordes. The weaker Hollows that were too slow were devoured in an instant, only giving power to their ravenous brethren. It didn’t help that many of the stronger Hollows were changing, becoming Mutated from all the raw spiritual energy in the air.

After a moment Zohara lowered his gaze. Even when he’d been studying the Hollows in the distance he hadn’t stopped running, and now he spotted Blackmoon and Aotori in the distance. A ring of Hollows was pressing in, and even when some were destroyed, others quickly took their places. Zohara smiled faintly, summoning Chozi and silently ordering him to bring the rest of the flock. With a screech, Chozi summoned the roughly hundred-seventy crows, and Zohara sent them a mental command to attack the Hollows, with exception to the two Arrancar being attacked.

In a flurry of flapping wings and ear-piercing shrieks, the hell-crows descended upon the Hollows around Blackmoon and Aotori. Normally they only shielded, but in such large numbers they could easily overwhelm and destroy weaker Gillians. These low-class Hollows were no problem. The crows used their heavy, sharp beaks to shatter the Hollows’ masks, moving as a black-feathered cloud. Sharp-edged feathers rained down on the Hollows, slicing deep gouges into their flesh and masks and destroying some of the weakest.

Zohara darted over to join the others, ordering a small number of the crows to break off from the attack and provide protection to Orihime and the Arrancar. Seven or so flew over to each of them, circling their heads and ready to dive down and deflect any assault. Zohara himself focused on a stronger Hollow, one his crows were having a hard time with. It was Mutated Hollow, by the looks of it, but not a very powerful one. It was a few feet taller than him and three times as wide, with long, barrel-like arms and spindly legs like an insect’s. Its sinuous body was more like a snake’s, though the skin was smooth instead of scaled.

Zohara grinned at the thing, and for a brief moment he looked distinctly malicious. Then he seemed to vanish, moving with speed to rival a Shunpo from a Soul Reaper Captain. When he came back into sight he was in the air, leaping straight up and landing neatly on the Mutated Hollow’s back. He then turned so he was facing the back of its head, locking his left arm around its throat. The Mutated Hollow made a sound of fury as it bucked around, trying to dislodge him.

“Did my friend send you, I wonder?” he asked softly, sounding bored. The Mutated Hollow, confused, stopped its bucking for a moment, then roared and thrashed about mightily. “I’m not sure if that’s a yes or a no, but it doesn’t matter either way. You’re all just fodder for my plans, no matter why you’re here. Thanks for your help.” He then chuckled, but the sound was lost over the noise his crows were making. In truth he didn’t even really know if the Mutated Hollow had heard him, despite speaking right into its ear. Ah well, it didn’t matter. For a moment he contemplated ripping the thing apart with his hands and fangs, but decided it would only scare the others and possibly drive them away from him. His teeth were starting to hurt, though; it was safe to say he wanted to bite something quite badly. He resisted, though. There’d be time later, he knew. There were much stronger Hollows that needed to be taken out, and he could hone his natural desires to focus his fighting ability that much more.


Ronoh =Routaikakami=
World of the Living ; Karakura Town, Above the Town

Uryu was pushing himself too far, that much was obvious. Even though he was bleeding from firing so many arrows, he continued trying to fight. His bow became a sword, and the Quincy revealed a canister of Hollow bait, breaking it open. He spoke as he did, seeming to mostly be thinking out loud before addressing me specifically. As the Hollows closest were snared by the Hollow Bait and shrieked in hunger, I pondered the young human’s words.

“There are many of my brethren who might side with the Hollows, sadly,” I said, not liking it even as I admitted it. I warily eyed the Hollows, wishing Uryu hadn’t left the protection of my coils after before breaking open the Bait canister. “Those who seek to oppose all others and would obtain the Stones for whatever purpose. There are some who believe humankind should be wiped out, along with the Soul Society. Doing so would prevent a shift of balance because there’d be no balance to keep. But if this happened there would be no place for the souls of those between just and corrupt to go. The Deathscape is only for those who were entirely corrupt in life and the Afterlife is only for those who were purely just. Average souls would remain trapped in the World of the Living, and though they would not be human souls, it would still cause many problems.”

I shook my head and watched as Hollows began rushing towards us, driven past insanity into the very definition of senselessness. The Hollow Bait drew them forth, and I unleashed a massive beam of electric-blue Light from my jaws. I twisted my head back and forth, wiping out a hundred at least, then snapped my jaws shut and breathed a sigh. If only I dared risk letting my Spirit Fire to its maximum, I could wipe out this army in a single blast! But I would also destroy most of the town, and so I was forced to only release a portion of my power.

“Whoever is leading this knows we Routaikakamigami cannot use our full strength, lest we destroy what we seek to defend,” I said, my entire body shuddering and shaking off rain that was collecting on my armor and feathers. “They may be forcing us to fight until we have no choice but to release our full power.” I would have said more, but then I spotted something in the distance forming. It appeared to be a large clock, and seconds later I heard Septem’s voice in my head, saying we needed to join him or be caught in some attack. I was ready to relay the message to Uryu in case he hadn’t heard…

*…And then he arrived.

A swirling black portal opened above us, and black whips of power arched from it as it soundlessly expanded. Only when it had reached a length of at least half a mile did it stop growing, and for a moment even the Hollows fell still. All of them titled their heads back, staring at the rend above us in silent confusion. For a moment there was nothing, and then I felt it. I would have had to be dead not to have. Around us the Hollows started screaming as the pressure and heat from the rend increased, growing strong, too strong. The weaker Hollows began dropping, many of them turning to ash as they were slain by the strength of the pressure and heat alone. Hundreds of them vanished, leaving fading dust in their wake.

And in the middle of it, I could only stare in horror at the portal, unable to move or breathe. My mind went blank in terror as a spindly black leg emerged from the portal, followed by another. Then the upper body of a young man, follow by two more legs. The abdomen of a spider, two more legs, and finally, the last two legs. The being seemed to hover in midair as he emerged from the portal, though he was in truth standing on a platform of solidified Spirit Fire. Despite his youthful, innocent appearance, I knew this entity was by far one of the cruelest, most ruthless creatures to ever walk in any world.

Shintoko, the Prevailer of Chaos, was here.

The Routaikakami reached up with a hand and casually brushed his blonde hair from slanted red eyes, not seeming to notice that more and more Hollows were being killed by his mere presence. Unlike myself and most of the others, Shintoko didn’t bother holding his Spirit Fire at bay. It raged like a blaze out of control, and this was it at its normal level. I became aware of the fact that I was trembling, and my chest was alight with pain from the other’s presence, though it rapidly spread to my entire body. A part of me that was still coherent urged me to move, to do something, and with an effort I slid to curl myself around Uryu again. This time I left no spaces, attempting to shield the human from the rampant Spirit Fire radiating from Shintoko. It felt like I was encased in searing concrete, though, and once again I was reminded how much older, how much stronger, the Prevailer of Chaos was compared to myself.

“Oh, I seem to be interrupting something,” the Routaikakami said in a boyish voice. He sounded far too cheerful as the agonized screams of Hollows rang out all around us. “I do apologize. If you’ll excuse me…” And then he turned, leaping to the ground below and skittering off. It took long, far too long, for his Spirit Fire to fade away, and only when it was gone entirely did I uncoil myself. Despite how hard I tried I couldn’t stop shaking, and only with a great deal of effort did I prevent the residual terror and pain from making me fall into a shocked stupor.

“Septem, Soyana, everyone…did you feel it…?” I whispered, speaking the words both physically and mentally to my comrades. “He…he’s here…Shintoko is here…”


Soyana =Routaikakami=
World of the Living ; Karakura Town

Soyana was going to respond to Septem’s message, but before she could she noticed a portal open in the distance. Not more than two or three seconds later, a familiar pressure hit her, and she clutched Te-no Akai Bachi Kokushi tightly in both hands as fear made her stomach clench. Not fear for herself, but for Ronoh and Uryu, who were right beneath were Shintoko was emerging into the World of the Living. From this distance she could barely make out the Prevailer of Chaos as a small black figure, but despite how far away he was, she could clearly feel the crushing, burning strength of his Spirit Fire. It would be much, much worse for Ronoh, and even more so for the Quincy.

Thankfully, the Routaikakami didn’t seem interested in either of the young ones and left soon after arriving. His Spirit Fire took a distressingly long time to fade, and when Ronoh’s pained, terror-laced question reached her, Soyana only had the presence of mind to nod for a moment. When she finally answered, her voice was weak and shaky.

I did indeed, my dear. Are you and the young Quincy all right?


OOC: ONOEZ, IT ARE SHINTOKO! What is he here for? IS HE IN ON THE ATTACK? You’ll just have to wait until the next episode of Bleach: The Fell War Saga!

BTW, this is Shintoko. I originally imagined him looking more like an old guy, but I couldn’t quite find anything to fit, so this will have to do lol.
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