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Default Re: Election Day 2010

Originally Posted by Kenny_C.002 View Post
It's unfortunate that the apathy we Canadians have for our really crappy politics is shared by many Americans now as well though. Then again, the Tea Party scares the heck out of me. I would suggest that if Palin wins in 2012, there would probably be a huge spike in emigration from the US...
It's more the younger generation than the older, at this point. The Obama election was incredible in how it brought the young voters out in droves; now, though, after Multiracial Jesus failed to solve everything by snapping his fingers, the younger generation has gone right back to not giving a damn. Meanwhile, (generally) older Republican voters just got really angry all of a sudden (probably "WAAAAH WE'RE NOT IN POWER ANYMORE, TYRANNY" and scary people like Beck and Limbaugh and Palin feeding the fire, if I had to take a guess) and went out to "take America back."

Incidentally, if Palin won 2012, I'd start looking into my out-of-country college options quite quickly. Probably won't happen, though; she's disliked by moderates of all parties and loathed by liberals in particular, so a majority seems impossible.

Hey, Canadian politics, huh? I've heard a little bit about that "so many parties and they all suck" system, but I gotta admit I'm curious about the hows and whys of the whole thing.
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