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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

OoC: Sounds good to me. Really interesting ^^

IC: Ichiru listened silently to Ashley and Jeremy's conversation, taking note of the place where the lock of Ashley's hair had been cut off. That certainly was freaky, but at least she hadn't been hurt. Up until now, he hadn't realized that Kiseki, Lani and Keiru had fallen behind, but when Kiseki didn't make some sort of comment toward what had happened to Ashley, Ichiru glanced back to see if his brother was there. Instead, he saw him standing back with Keiru and Lani, talking to Keiru about something. He didn't want to leave him alone again, but he knew that the trio would be in class soon regardless, and therefore left it alone.

"Good to see you guys again. Everything work out okay?" Mr. Tanner asked as Ichiru, Ashley and Jeremy walked back into the classroom. Ichiru gave a simple nod as Ashley responded herself, following Jeremy over to their table as she told him about Keiru. Moments later the brunette joined them at the table herself.

"I know that I said I would tell you about the dream but I think it'll have to wait till later." She told them, to which Ichiru nodded simultaneously with Jeremy. He knew why Ashley had said this; since Keiru was with them now, they didn't need to talk about the nightmares. If he wasn't one of the ones experiencing them, he'd think they were all crazy.

Back in the hall, Kiseki looked at Keiru with concern, not convinced from his response. It was obvious he'd seen something - or at least thought he did. He thought he saw the older boy shudder slightly, and opened his mouth to say something, but stopped when Keiru spoke again, turning to Kiseki with a smile.

"I just haven't had much sleep in a while. Well, might as well get to class, right? Can't just stay out here, your friends will be getting worried."

Kiseki nodded slowly, turning back to head toward the classroom. Keiru's mention of not sleeping much had brought up some suspision. Certainly he couldn't be suffering from these nightmares too?

The younger twin finally walked back into the Art classroom, Lani following along quietly behind him. Kiseki instantly spotted the others sitting at a table and led the blonde over to them, sitting quietly beside his brother. He looked at the vase ine middle of the table with question, then at Ichiru, who happened to catch his gaze from the corner of his eye.

"You're supposed to pick an object from the room and try to draw it." He informed his brother. Kiseki frowned briefly.

"Aw, I was hoping we'd get to paint the vase or something."

Ichiru shook his head at his brother, a slight smile on his face. "No, but that would be fun, wouldn't it?"
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