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Default Re: PokeRome (RP... Obviously)


Nate and Cynder scurried along behind Dominic and Tierien. "Maybe we should just wait for Nate to get here. I'm sure he could catch a fish in a heartbeat." Nate heard Tieren suggest. "Don't worry Cynder and I have a system of catching fish easily. Cynder are you ready?" Nate teasingly asked.

Nate dived into the deep pond. Cynder scurried in front of the spot where Nate had dived into the water. Nate was spiraling down gracefully into the beautiful depths of the pond. He sped past and under a school of fairly large fish. The school was about twelve or thirteen fish in total, this is where Nate would make the catch. Nate began glowing a light blue energetic all over his body. He rose his flippers up and the water above him began spiraling in a twister formation. The school of fish were helplessly trapped in the whirlpool, then he launched a furious bubblebeam that sent the whirlpool spiraling to the surface. Once the whirlpool broke up to the surface it dispersed and the fish flew into the air. Cynder then released a wave of stars that sent the fish onto the other side of the pond landing safely on the ground around the pond.

Aqua then spiraled out of the water gracefully landing onto the ground next to the warm fish. "Nate you have improved since the last time we did this," Cynder complemented. Nate blushed, "Your Swift has improved as well,". Cynder raced around the pond right next to Nate. "Now we just have to heat them up," Cynder stated. Cynder then released a light flame that would warm up the fish yet would not singe them. Once Cynder was done he stood there and smiled. Nate gave her a pat on the back. "Well done, Cynder!" Nate exclaimed happily.
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