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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]


"Yeah, I'm fine." Keiru replied, eyeing the end of the corridor. "Thought I saw something... out of place."

Keiru glanced at the corridor for a few moments, hearing a cackle that echoed down the hallways, however, only he could hear the laugh. Keiru shuddered for the slightest moment, before turning to look at Kiseki, a smile on his face.

"I just haven't had much sleep in a while." Keiru sighed. "Well, might as well get to class, right? Can't just stay out here, your friends will be getting worried."

Christopher Norris
Hospital. En Nightmare Worlde

There was darkness all around him, and he could hear metal scraping with something, and he recognised this nightmare. His worst. Christopher broke out into a run, though found himself faceplanting the floor since his left leg was injured, joy. A light flashed in the room for a moment, and Christopher saw the figure approaching him, claws for hands, lumbering towards him. Christopher's hand found a metallic shape, and wrapped round the shape, swinging it at the figure. The figure crumpled to the floor, and Christopher dragged himself to his feet, and began to run, using the left wall as support.

Suddenly, he was brought out of the nightmare, and he looked around the room, realising he was in hospital. For a moment he thought he was still dreaming, but relaxed when he saw a doctor smiling.

"You've awoken, finally." the doctor cackled evily, pulling out a large hatchet.

Christopher began to shout, as the began to cut his leg, when he suddenly awoke from his nightmare, seeing the same doctor, his heart skipping a beat, was he still dreaming.

"Hey, it's quite alright, no need to shout." the doctor stated. "Your injuries aren't that bad, you'll be back in the school tomorrow. Though you'll want to be careful, so you don't damage it more."
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