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Default Re: PokeRome (RP... Obviously)

Thorn the Roselia

Thorns eyes scanned the tree line, searching for the escapees. However, she found nothing. She cursed to herself, once again picking up her speed, entering the forest. Instantly an array of different aromas hit her. She looked around for the source of the strongest smell. A small Gloom waddling along slowly. Thorn smiled a wicked grin.

Thorn approached the Gloom slowly, putting on her best 'innocent' act. "Ummm, excuse me?", she said sweetly, getting the attention of the Gloom. "Have you seen my friends come past here?"
"Nope," the Gloom replied, continuing on its way.
"Are you sure? I saw them come this way..." Thorn said back, dropping her gaze to the floor, smiling devilishly to herself.
"Can't say I have, sweetie. Why?"
"Oh, it's just that Nero," Thorn looked up at the Gloom as she said his name, the face of the Gloom dropping, "has... Has..."
"Awwww, don't worry," the Gloom cut her off, waddling over to her side, wrapping one arm around her.
"Please, let me finish. He's instructed me to find and capture or kill them."

Thorn looked the Gloom straight in the eyes, sending fear into his soul. Before Gloom could react Thorn had pulled him into a headlock. "Where are they?!" she questioned.
"I-I don't know," he rasped, trying to pry himself free, but to no avail.
"Where are they?!" Thorn yelled at him, gripping tighter.
"I don't know!" the Gloom yelled back.
"Tell me!" Thorn nearly screamed, the smell of poison escaping her red flower.
"Okay, okay!" the Gloom gave in, "They've headed towards the center of the forest, lead by a single Zangoose."
"Thank you," Thorn replied sickly-sweetly, "was that so difficult?" Thorn turned, facing the direction the group had headed. Before she went, however, she turned and fired a large ball of poison at the Gloom, before charging in with her red flower, now glowing a sickly purple, and striking the Gloom down. She then turned and went in hot pursuit of the group, laughing evilly to herself.

Ooc: Moves used: Sludge bomb, then Venom Shock.
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