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Default Re: PokeRome (RP... Obviously)

((OOC: Woah! Time difference much? T_T))


Venus eventually halted to a long awaited stop after the never-ending sprint. The sound of her paws constantly pounding the ground as she ran and ran until she couldn't concentrate on anything else, the heavy breathing, the tense atmosphere-it would never leave her memory.

Why? Why me? Venus wondered as she tried to regain normal breathing. What did I ever do to deserve this?

As Venus looked up from the ground, she saw the other fugitive Pokemon breathing heavily too. She had no idea how it had happened, or how she'd even escaped, but she had managed to escape without being injured, and that was all that mattered right now.

Venus discreetly watched the others underneath her long, fluttering eyelashes. They were...introducing themselves? Talking to each other?

Is it even safe for us to do that? We have no idea who each other are... Venus wondered, before deciding to speak to at least one of them after a Grovyle had offered to go and search for food. There was no way she was going to trust any one of them at this present moment, but at least she could get some food out of it.

"I'll stay here and roast whatever food you bring back. Water and me don't mix." Venus shrugged before stretching out on the ground as she watched the others wander off into the forest...
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