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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Kikiraru Dashinara~ Routaikakami, Prevailer of Fury
World of the Living; Karakura Town
Humanoid True Forme

Kikiraru smiled as the energy began to pierce the summit of its potential, and he stood upright, a large cyan aura emanating from him, his eyes glowing a crimson red. He began to laugh, his laugh not like his normal laugh, it was actually quite demonic now. He could feel the combined power of his fury, as well as the Old Way, what he used to pratice long ago, and was finally bringing the power back once more. The last time he had used this was when he had destroyed the old civilization he was revered as a God for, however, the way he was channeling the power was by far the opposite of before. He was channeling the power to protect Karakura Town, embedding the buildings with an indestructable aura whilst the power was active, and the buildings would also work as a defence, or a distraction, against the Hollows.

"Thunderous woes and Able tides, Crimson hearts and lust-filled souls. Disgusting creatures, begone from this world of innocence, begone from existence, it is time that you are cleansed." Kikiraru's voice echoed. "Heartless beings be unwoven by the impending fury, for I am your destruction, my rage is my power, of which you fuel. Now, begone, Kadomahjah!"

The wind swirled around Kikiraru intensely, as he pointed his hands in the direction of a group of Hollows bearing down upon him. Instantly, their flesh began to be torn apart, exploding into dust as he now smiled. Kikiraru pointed his palms downwards, slamming them into the roof of the building, though not damaging the infrastructure at all. A loud crack split the air, and a large symbol came into view, not only on the roof of the building Kikiraru was on, but other buildings spread through the city. This had sure as hell taken up a lot of energy, and it would hopefully work, otherwise Kikiraru would be screwed. Kikiraru glanced for a mere moment at Soyana, turning back to the sky, where the army of Hollows were.

"Adrios Mahja Oukris Talidara!" Kikiraru roared, speaking in the old dialect of his.

Beams of light erupted into the air from the symbols, all joining at one point, the Hollow army. Kikiraru focused his energy, the aura pumping into the light, and he glared at the Hollows, as the second stage of the power began. Cyan twisters burst into existence in the light beams, joining together just as the light did, and the final stage began. The ground began to shudder, as a barrage of cyan beams erupted from the symbols, as if they were anti-air guns, and unleashed a hailstorm of fire upon the Hollow army. Kikiraru breathed a sigh, collapsing onto his knees as he watched the symbols spread as far as he could see unleashing the cyan beams into the air, cutting through Hollows. He turned his gaze to Soyana, offering a smile.

"Will... help ease the fight." Kikiraru gasped. "This will make it easier for you to find the power behind the army, as it doesn't seem to be giving up, and take out the leader, thus ending the army's revival."

"I also managed to pinpoint the vague area where the mastermind behind the army is... I'm sorry I don't have a much more precise location, however, I do have a location for you. They are in eastern Karakura Town." Kikiraru offered. "At least, I think they are. I might be incorrect, I was busy focusing on getting the defence system set up, as you can see."
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